Thursday, January 31, 2008

With less then two hours to go

Well I just had to sew this evening and this is what I have completed - My version of the "Every Day Angel" quilt, by the Chook Shed Pattern Co, from a few years back. I was lucky enough to be involved in a paper bag quilt (friendship quilt) with Tina and lots of other lovely ladies back in 2005, all of the Appliqued blocks were made for me and I had never got around to putting them all together until tonight.This totals 9 WISP finished for the month of January, at the begining of the month I pulled out 10 unfinished projects and now thanks to May Britts challenge I have completed 9 of them. I really hope this inspires lots of you ladies out there to drag out those old projects and finish them off, its a great feeling. Now I am ready to get stuck into some new shop samples for this years retreats, I'll keep you posted.

PS sorry I can't link, but blogger just won't let me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2nd Post for the day

Wisp 7 & 8 completed - well you are all probably thinking I must have done nothing but finish off my projects today but I have. Worked hard in the shop most of the day, then decided it was far too hot to do anything outside this afternoon, I was home alone so decided to sew. This Christmas wall hanger I started a few years back, now I can pack it away ready to hang in my home next Christmas.

"Just Hanging for Christmas" finished - I started him at our Christmas in July last year, Natalie Ross designed him especially for this yearly event.

Only 29 hours left until the end of January and still I have 2 projects on my WISP list, I will see what tomorrows brings.
Thanks for dropping by

WISP NUMBER 6 all finsihed

Just finished off my Christmas Trivet all ready for Christmas 2008 only 11 months away.
I filled it with rice, cloves and cinnamon sticks, should smell yummy. Thanks Tina for the fabric from Canada.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've finished WISP No. 5

Ruths Quilt

Well after not feeling well over the weekend, I decided to struggle on with trying to complete my Ruth's Quilt out of "Living the Dream" Book by Leanne Beasley, I started the stitcheries for this quilt back in 2005 and I can now say it is completed, well the quilt top at least. After sewing all of my rows together I decided it looked good on my bed, so instead of leaving it as a topper I added a 3" border in the green polka dot by Moda, then a 10" border using this gorgeous floral. Now it measures roughly 2.5m square. I will package it up today and pop in the mail to my dear friend who will quilt it and send it back completed.
Once again thanks May Britt for the challange.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wonder of Spring Block of the Month

This last week has been very hectic in the shop, with lots of customers, most of them visiting the area for the Country Music Festival in Tamworth. This has meant that not much othe work has been done. Monday afternoon I started to cut Block 1 of Natalie Ross's new Block of the Month "Wonder of Spring", well it has taken me all week, but today I can say that they are all packaged and ready to go.
This is Block 1, all the rest can be seen on Natalies site.

If anyone is interested in doing Natalie's quilt as a block of the month, it will begin next week, it will run over 10 months at a cost of $24.50 Aus, per month. Each month you will recieve the pattern, all of the fabrics, pre-cut to size, in very similiar colours to those that Natalie has used, postage is included within Australia so your parcel will be mailed direct to your door for you to being stitching.
Patterns sets are also available if you would like to use your own fabrics from your stash.

If anyone is interested just email me and I can give you more details.
Happy sewing

4th WISP finished

Well I have just spent the morning sewing and have completed the table runner I pieced together 18months ago, I just had to mitre the corners on the main border and then quilt and bind it. I have a big table that is will look great on.

This is a close up of the gorgeous Debbie Mumm fabric I used on the border.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2nd Post for the day and 3rd finished WISP

One half finished stitchery designed turned into a small draw string bag this afternoon, it is amazing how just a few minutes set aside to sew can have wonderful results.

This small bag is an Annie Downs - Hatched & Patched design call Plum Pudding.
Until next time, happy sewing

2 WISP completed

Well January is nearly over and I have only finished 2 of my WISP, better then nothing I suppose, this is the table runner I started far too many years ago, but now it is ready to be used.

item number 2 to cross off my list is the machine mat all finished and in use,

Thanks May Britt for the challenge, I will keep you all posted if I manage to complete any more before the end of the month.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Quilts finished for the shop

Yesterday I received two quilts back from my wonderful quilter, that were made as shop samples before Christmas. Just thought I would share them both with you, I am very happy with them both.
The first one is my version of Rosalie Quinlan's "Rebekah Amy's Quilt, I have used a range of Fabrics by Jackie Robinson & Maywood studio's which features a wonderful floral border design which I have added as a border on this quilt, I love the fabrics.

This is my version of Heather Bailey's Freshcut Quilt, the fabrics are great but not everyones choice, Heathers quilt has a large frill around the outside, I decided to just work with plain borders. I was very pleased with the finished quilt.

Do hope everyone is finding a little time to sew, the shop has been busy this week so not much time for me to sew, but maybe tonight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gutermann Nostalgia Tins

Today a shippment arrived in of these cute little tins, these Gutermann nostalgia tins come in 3 different designs, all of them have 4 reels of thread, 100m of red, white, black and navy. They will sell for $12.50 each, if anyone would like to order them just email with your details, they won't last long.

"Bellatrix" doll class

Saturday saw a dozen ladies gather in the shop to make "Bellatrix" an Annie Smith "Country Keepsakes" pattern. We all had a busy but productive day with lots of chatter and lots of sewing. This is my version of "Bellatrix",I used a new range of fabrics in store by Timeless Treasurers and as usual I didn't add quite as much detail as Annies original doll, but I am very happy with the result. She was fun to make and always fun to share the experience with others. During 2008 we will be running more one day doll classes as well as a mail order doll club, if you would like more details on either of these just let me know. I will post a photo of some of the others once they are completed.
I will be back later to post a photo of my completed WISP.
Happy sewing

Friday, January 11, 2008


Well thanks heaps to all those that left comments, seeing there was an over whelming number of ladies who left comments I have decided to give away 2 other small prizes. With my husbands help I have completed the draw and the winners are ...............
The winner of the handmade Sewing machine mat goes to comment number 27 - anonymous Chris
The winner of the Kit for the sewing machine mat goes to comment number 30 - anonymous Meredith
and the 2 other winner who will receive a small gift from me are comment number 48 - Mrs Goodneedle and comment number 6 - Pat
Congratulations to those 4 ladies and thanks heaps to everyone else who left a comment. If those 4 ladies could contact me with there postal addresses that would be great.
I hope to be back over the weekend to share some of my now finished WISP.
Happy sewing

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Works in slow progress - could this be the finishing off month

Over at May Britts blog she has put out a challange for January to finish off as many WISP as possible. As usual I can't let a challange go by, so the other evening I dragged out just a few projects to finish off. There are actually ten in this photo,
1 - My Angel paper bag quilt from 2006
2 - My Ruths Quilt - Leanne Beasley design
3 - a Christmas trivet - made from fabric Tina gave to me from Canada
4 - a table runner started many years back - just the binding to go
5 - another sewing machine mat which I only cut out before Christmas
6 - My Basket block quilt I started in 2007
7 - A table runner started in 2006 from Debbie Mumm fabrics
8 - A Christmas Plum pudding stitchery to be made into a bag - Hatched and Patched pattern
9 - Just hangin for Christmas - Natalie Ross design from Christmas in July 2007
So sorry about the quality of the photo, who knows what went wrong - it will keep you all guessing as to exactly what all my WISP actually are. I think I will make sure that the photos of the finished projects are very clear so everyone can see what I have achieved. Good luck to all those who are trying to finsih off some WISP, I look forward to seeing what everyone achieves.
Until we meet again happy sewing and don't forget to enter the draw from my last post, I will be back on Friday to announce the winners.

Friday, January 04, 2008

150 Posts and a give away or two

Well after nearly 2 years of blogging I have reached my 150th post, so to celebrate my mile stone I would like to give away a couple of prizes. Before Christmas I made well over a dozen sewing machine mats for friends as Christmas presents, I will be releasing this design as a pattern in the next week. So to 2 lucky blog readers I will give away a completed Sewing Machine Mat, personally made by myself as well as a kit for one lucky reader to make her own. Please leave a comment to go in the draw, I know I have over 60 viewers per day, so if you haven't left me a comment before, be game, don't be shy, just click on the comments section on the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.
I will draw the lucky winners next Friday, so be in it to win.
Happy sewing

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Words of wisdom

Over the past few days I have been painting a large pine kitchen dresser that has stood in my kitchen for about 18 years, this morning I was sorting through the 4 draws and getting rid of heaps of rubbish when I came across a scrap of paper with the following written on it, I remember writing this down maybe 10 years ago. So I thought I would share it with you all, just something to ponder over.
5 Simple rules to being Happy
1/ Free your heart from Hatred
2/ Free your mine from worries
3/ Live simply
4/ Give more
5/ Expect less

Sounds like a good way to live my life, what do you think.