Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year...........................

It's New Years Eve and its raining, I don't think the young ones are too happy with the rain, it has spoilt their plans for this evening, but we are not complaining, it's just lovely. Brings smiles to our faces.
2006 has been a great year, a few words that come to mind to reflect the last 12 months - hectic, busy, drought, creative, family, friends old and new, good times, learnt heaps, adventures, celebrations I suppose the list could go on and on. It has been a good year so to everyone who has been apart of my year thanks for your friendship, your love and support.

My thoughts and prays go out to my daughter Nicole and her friend Elizabeth who have had a awful ordeal in Prague over the last couple of days, its hard being a parent on the other side of the world feeling useless. Do hope they see the good side of Prague tonight and have a safe return to England tomorrow.

Enjoy yourselves tonight but most of all stay safe and well, I look forward to a fantastic and happy 2007.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where do I start
Well Christmas has come and gone, do hope you all had a happy and safe time.
We celebrated quitely with friends for a ymmy festive dinner Christmas eve, then just the 3 of us on Christmas day, while I was at Church, Geoffrey & Sebastian feed the Rams and the cattle so that we could head over to my parents place at Tuncurry, just 3 hours drive away on Christmas afternoon. Mum and Dad were by themselves so we thought we could manage a day away. It was sad not having Nicole with us, for her first Christmas away, but the world is such a small place and we spoke a couple of times on the phone which was nice. She had friends with her so that made her day happy and enjoyable.

Boxing Day, saw my baby girl turn 21 years old, and here she is thousands of miles away, once again we sopke a few time on the phone to bridge the gap. We are planning a party to celebrate her 21st when she arrives home in Feburary. I ve become an Ebay shopper and purchased all this beautiful Royal Winton for her 21st. She started a collection when she was about 12years old, so this will be something to remember her 21st by in years to come.

The week before Christmas, the local ladies in our Paper Bag Quilt, (friendship quilt) which has been running most of the year, got to gether to return the bags to their owners. There were 8 of us in the group, here are a few photos of the blocks they received back, and now the fun begins, we have set a dead line for the quilt tops to be together by 1/3/07.

This is Jo with her collection of Australian fabrics made into stars

Then we have Emily with her Seed Packet Stitcheries

Ros was so pleased with her blocks or should I say rows, looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for her quilt, great country colours.

Bonnie's blocks looked great, I am sure she will have fun putting her quilt together as well.

So sorry to make this such a long post, do hope you all have a great new Years Eve. I look forward to getting stuck into lots of sewing over the next few weeks so keep checking back to see what new quilts I make.

Thanks for dropping by


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Gathering

Wow !!!!!!!! after heaps of preparation, lots of late nights and early mornings, yesterday finally arrived, I will thrilled with the way the day worked out, there were 28 ladies who joined me for my annual Christmas Gathering in the shop.

Believe it or not they all had a chair to sit on and a needle in their hand, then it was down to business, there was lots of chatter, eating, sewing, eating a little more, laughing, sharing stories, hugs and kisses, exchanging of gifts, a little more food and a wonderful day had by all.

I had made some yummy Christmas treats for morning tea, the fruit mince slice was a huge hit. Not much left in this photo.

Then everyone sat around and made a simple little Christmas door knob decoration which I had ready in kit form for them, then we had a finger food lunch in my garden which I had decorated with everyones show and tell. All of the quilts, dolls, bags and table runners looked fantastic hanging over the fences, in trees or over a chair. After lunch we returned to the shop for a delicious frozen ice cream and fruit pudding, before everyone had to pack up and return home.

I do hope everyone had a fun day, sharing the spirit of Christmas with like minded kindred spirits, a big thankyou to all those that came as well as everyone else who has supported me throughout 2006, the best part of my job is mixing with so ..................many wonderful people.

I have a big week ahead, heaps of mail order to post, my home to decorate and christmas mail to write, hopefully not as many late nights as last week.
Until my next post, keep safe and cool ( sounds like this week is going to be a scorcher)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nicoles back in England

Things have been busy on the shop front, but with no more retreats for 2006, I am looking forward to making lots of new shop samples over the next 2 months. Stock is starting to roll in from my trip to Melbourne, will have up dates of all of this soon.
Last week was spent packing Niocles bags as Wednesday saw her head back to England just for her Uni holidays, to work for Joanna & Dave, whom she worked for last year. She wasn't looking forward to leaving our hot summer to return to the English winter, but with everything centrally heated over there I am sure she will cope.
Nicoles is working as a Nanny for three very cute little girls, this is a photo of Flora and Polly, then there is Eliza who is only about 18months old.
We are all going to miss Nicole, Christmas will be different without her around for the first time, then Boxing Day is actually her 21st Birthday, so that will be sad not to be with her to help celebrate, but I am sure Liz ( a school friend) who is over there will make up for not having her family around.
Don't forget My Christmas Gathering here in the shop on Saturday, I ve been busy making our small project for the day as well as cooking some yummy Christmas food to be served as morning tea and lunch. If you live in the area and would like to call out, let me know by Friday and we would love to see you.
Until next time I post, thanks for dropping bye,