Saturday, January 27, 2007

Australia Day 2007

Australia Day 2007

Well for all those that don't exactly know where Nundle is , it is only 45 minutes drive south east of Tamworth, which is known as the Country Music Captial. At this time of the year it comes alive with The Annual Country Music festival, I think the figures are something like over 800 live performances, talents quests, hundreds of Buskers in the streets, free concerts in the parks, you name it, it's happens in Tamworth during the festival. We ventured in there yesterday on a bus with lots of friends from around the area. First stop was the Long Yard Hotel, and that was as far as Geoffrey and I got. We spent the afternoon chatting to friends and listening to the free bands before making our way to the Goonoo Goonoo Room to watch the Bush Whackers, they have been around for years but they were still brilliant, we had such a great time, ears were ringing, hands aching from clapping and feet sore from taping along to their incredible beat. Before joining the rest of the group for the road trip home we had and enjoyable dinner with friends to top a great day out. It always feels good to be part of such a fantastic festival.
Sorry no photos, didn't feel like taking my camera.
I am planning on sewing this afternoon, working on another quilt for a shop sample so will post a photo when I get it finished.
Have a great weekend.
PS. I forgot to mention that Sebastian was awarded an Australian Day Medal at our local celebrations in Nundle, he was awarded the Sportmans Medal for his sporting acheivements over the last 3 years, he first received this award back on Australia Day 2004. Typical Mum but I am extremely proud of him (also extremely proud of Nicole) but thats what mothers are meant to be.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thanks for dropping by and Competition

Thanks to everyone who pops in to read what I've been up to here on the hill, I have changed my settings so that anyone can comment so please if you pop in leave me a message, everyone who leaves a message over the next few weeks will go in the draw to win a bag.
On Feb 16th it will be one year since my first posting so to celebrate my blogs birthday I will draw my competition, so be in it to win. I look forward to seeing how many of you leave messages.

I have found a little time to sew this week, in between many other jobs, I decided to grap a jelly roll off the shelves and make up a quilt top with it, this post and rail design was very simple and so so easy with the pre cut Jelly roll. I just have to wait for some fabrics to come in to sew on the borders, so will post it again when totally finished. I was very pleased with this quilt and it took all of about 3 hours to sew up, that includes talking time. The jelly rolls really are a great way to go.

I can't believe there is only one week left of the long summer school holidays, they have just flown. Even Sebastian can't believe that they are nearly over.
We have a very busy week ahead with our Annual on property Ram sale on Thursday, Geoffrey will be very happy when that is over, these are a few of the little chaps on sale, hopefully they bring good dollars.

Have a great weekend to all, look forward to seeing some more comments.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

some of my new quilts for 2007

Just a short post, it far too hot to be out here in my office with my computer on, so I will make it fast.
These are 3 of my latest quilts,
Chocolate Treats, is a very simple one, made using 2 charm packs plus borders, I have kits cut ready for it using different fabrics for the borders.

This quilt is a child's quilt I have made using fabulous circus fabric, the photo doesn't do it justice at all, in each of the main blocks Betty has quilted a bunch of balloons and the circus prints are so cute. I have made it up into a kit as well.

The 3rd quilt is the one I have been working on over the past few days, finished it yesterday.
This is a pattern I bought from Cananda, called Butterscotch Pie, I have used Thimbleberries Charm Packs, as well as lots of other fabrics, once again it is available in kit form. I have cut the quilt using my Tri Rec ruler set. It will be in the post tomorrow to be quilted so will be hanging in the shop soon.

Until it cools down, I am going to have to turn this computer off and head back to the shop to the air conditioning.
Have a good week

Friday, January 12, 2007

How Lucky am I

Today in the mail I received a parcel all the way from Fort North in the USA, it was a surprise parcel from Linda from Craft Apple Creations, I sent her a copy of 'Blackberry Jam & Cream" for Christmas and in return she sent me an original, handmade Seamstress Apron. She has just released this as her very first pattern, I am so thrilled to have received it, I am sure I will be able to put it to good use. Thanks Heaps Linda. Also enclosed was a copy of the pattern and a beautiful hand made card. I treasure anything handmade that I receive as a gift.

The apron has lots of pockets to hold pencil, rotary cutter, tape measure, scissors etc.
It will be very handy in the shop.

Wow another very hot day, I did manage to finish off piecing the quilt top I ve been working on just need to sew on the borders, so I will take a photo tomorrow and let everyone have a look, then it will be off to Betty to be quilted, before I display it in the shop as one of the new quilts for this years Workshops.
Until then lets pray for a change in the weather, rain would be good.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gracie Ann Finished

Just a really short post before heading off to bed on this very hot evening, I thought I would share with you a photo of My Angel doll that I started on the weekend, she is finished and ready to find a home in my home. I do hope she watches over me.
Have been busy trying to fit in some sewing, I have just about pieced a quilt top together, called Butterscotch Pie, its looking fantastic so will share a photo as soon as I finish off the top. I had to stop sewing tonight as the insects were so bad inside, just had to turn off the lights, now they are crawling all over me sitting by the computer.
So until next time, stay safe

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lots of Angels, tall Angels

At my Christmas Gathering, Fiona, a wonderful kindred spirit, inspired us with her interpretation of an Angel that was in homepsun magazine earlier in 2006. There was a group of us that fell in love with her and decided to all get together yesterday to make one each. There were 15 of us, the shop was filled with chatter, laughter, a few crude stories, while we spent the day creating our extremely tall but stunning Angels. Thanks heaps to Fiona for her tips along the way and for Craig for his wood work skills, we couldn't have finished them without him.
Here is a couple of photos of the group with some nearly completed Angels, I must add mine is still in an unfinished state as per usual, I never seem to find time to sew when there is a class on.
Hopefully today I might get her finished.

Thanks girls for a great day, and yes we will do it again when I have a free Saturday. Any suggestions for a class just let me know.
I will try and pop back later to post a photo of the first completed quilt for 2007.
Have a great day.