Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friday Night - Already

Wow I can't beleive this week, one very busy week and next week is going to be heaps worse.
Monday night I met with a beautiful group of women in tamworth that I have been apart of for the past 12 months. We have all been working on a paper bag quilt each, this is like a friendship quilt that each person in the group stitches a part of everyones quilt. Our bags have done the full circle and were returned to their owners on Monday night. I am just so pleased with my blocks, they are all Angel appliqued blocks, I will now have to find time to put my quilt together. Thanks so much Tina and all your friends for letting me be part of your group, can't wait to see them all completed.
With my weekly Tuesday class we made stitchery rolls, these are a piece of quilted fabric that is attached to a card board roll and are used to hold your work in progress. All the ladies were trilled with what they had achieved, they all looked great. I actually managed to make 3 so was very pleased with my efforts.
Wednesday was spent working then off to a meeting that evening - I am on the Easter festival committee. Nundle holds our Chinese Go for Gold Festival each Easter Sat and Sunday. It is shaping up to be a great two days, there are usually around 5000 extra people in town each day so our sleepy little village certainly comes alive. I organise a Quilt Hanging around town over the two days, usually hang about 50 quilts which adds colour and interest to the festival. That was a late night.
Then Thursday I had to have my car in Tamworth all day for a service, so spent the day doing odd jobs, met with a friend Brenda for lunch, great to catch up. I managed to arrive home at 6.50pm, passed a meat pie to Geoffrey DH, as he walked out the door to a meeting, turned on my computer and hurried around sorting through things getting ready for Kim Archers online class. The class was great as usual, very pleased with my LO, (not totally finished as yet) chatted to Janelle all evening. Lucky no one can see me through the computer as I was running around mad, unpacking grocery's, feeding dogs, trying to cook dinner for myself as well as keep up with the class. I only have the tags to complete and my title and it will be finished. Great Night. Will post a picture as soon as that is done.
Today I had cooking to do for this weekends retreat,the Cherry Tomato and Caramelised Onion Tart looks Yummy for luch tomorrow, had new furniture delivered, which looks great in my sunroom, as well as running the shop, so all in all I am ready for bed. It would be great to be able to get there before midnight, don't often do that.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, thanks for stopping by and reading about my week.
Good night

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Janelle Wind said...

You are very amazing Kerry and I am still in awe that you can do all of these things and not get stressed - I aim to be more like you. All the best for your busy week. x Janelle