Sunday, March 05, 2006

How Cute is that Face

Friday after we collected Sebastian from school, we picked up the lastest member of our ever growing family. "Marlee" a new puppy, Sebastians new pig dog. He is very cute and cuddly at the moment not sure it will take too long before he is huge, both parents were BIG dogs.
Sebastian and Ali have had fun playing with him over the weekend, it will be up to me to take care of him after tomorrow when Sebastian returns to school.
Have had a good weekend, worked both days in the shop, managed to fit in some sewing and scraping as well having friends over for dinner last night, we eat Japanese Curry which is one of my favourites, so easy and tastes great, thanks Emily and Ali for joining us.
I am really enjoying this world of Blogs, hope to meet a few more like mined soles, I really enjoy reading what everyone is up to.
Until next time take care

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Janelle Wind said...

What a gorgeous puppy - he looks like he is going to be a very BIG dog. I am sure Sebastian will have heaps of fun teaching him to be a pigger!!! x Janelle