Saturday, April 08, 2006

What A Week !!!!!!!
( I wouldn't have it any other way)

Can't believe that it is Friday morning again, I must remember to put in my footy tips, not going all that well with that.
Tuesday saw Sebastian travel to Coonabarabran for North West Open Rugby League trails, he rang me after lunch very pleased with himself after gaining selections as the teams Hooker
(Cronulla will be pleased).
Well done Sebastian we
are all so proud of you.

Last night Geoffrey and myself travelling to Quirindi for his monthly Lodge meeting, it was there Anzac Service, I have posted a photo of the men doing the dishes after supper which was put together by the women. ( Geoffrey is the one facing the camera without the tea towel) I enjoy these nights even though I must be 30 younger then most of the other women.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had a lovely group of 11 ladies from Sydney here for a 2 day retreat. They all had a great time, I believe they kept Nundle on its toes both evenings which wouldn't hirt. They all made some wonderful quilts, I look forward to seeing them finished next time they return. Sorry about the photo, it didn't turn out the best, having troubles with my camera but hopefully getting to the bottom of it.

I haven't had any time this week to do any sewing or scrap booking for myself and next week isn't looking any better. Maybe I might manage to squeeze in an hour somewhere.
I have another group of ladies for a retreat this weekend, some are travelling from Walgett, I am sure they will have a great time.
Until next time, thank you for dropping by my blog, have a great weekend.

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Janelle Wind said...

A BIG congratulations to Sebastian. He is a very talented football player and deserves to go a long way. You have had an amazingly busy week too with the retreats etc - I hope you can get some rest soon. x Janelle