Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lots of Angels, tall Angels

At my Christmas Gathering, Fiona, a wonderful kindred spirit, inspired us with her interpretation of an Angel that was in homepsun magazine earlier in 2006. There was a group of us that fell in love with her and decided to all get together yesterday to make one each. There were 15 of us, the shop was filled with chatter, laughter, a few crude stories, while we spent the day creating our extremely tall but stunning Angels. Thanks heaps to Fiona for her tips along the way and for Craig for his wood work skills, we couldn't have finished them without him.
Here is a couple of photos of the group with some nearly completed Angels, I must add mine is still in an unfinished state as per usual, I never seem to find time to sew when there is a class on.
Hopefully today I might get her finished.

Thanks girls for a great day, and yes we will do it again when I have a free Saturday. Any suggestions for a class just let me know.
I will try and pop back later to post a photo of the first completed quilt for 2007.
Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a FANTASTIC day - why can't I live closer so I can come stitch too??!! From one jealous stitching friend xx Janelle

P.S. They all look gorgeous and way to go Fiona for helping everyone create such gorgeous dolls. Can't wait to see a finished one.

tanya.s said...

I really feel I've missed out on a great day and doll, I too wish I lived closer. We'll I'm coming to visit soon so I'll have to make one, good on you Fiona!
xx Tanya

Anonymous said...

What fun! I can't believe any of those sweet ladies would share a crude story! It couldn't be YOU, could it?? Hee hee. How nice it would be to get together with some other women to make a project together. I wouldn't have finished my angel either - too much chatting to do!