Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thanks for dropping by and Competition

Thanks to everyone who pops in to read what I've been up to here on the hill, I have changed my settings so that anyone can comment so please if you pop in leave me a message, everyone who leaves a message over the next few weeks will go in the draw to win a bag.
On Feb 16th it will be one year since my first posting so to celebrate my blogs birthday I will draw my competition, so be in it to win. I look forward to seeing how many of you leave messages.

I have found a little time to sew this week, in between many other jobs, I decided to grap a jelly roll off the shelves and make up a quilt top with it, this post and rail design was very simple and so so easy with the pre cut Jelly roll. I just have to wait for some fabrics to come in to sew on the borders, so will post it again when totally finished. I was very pleased with this quilt and it took all of about 3 hours to sew up, that includes talking time. The jelly rolls really are a great way to go.

I can't believe there is only one week left of the long summer school holidays, they have just flown. Even Sebastian can't believe that they are nearly over.
We have a very busy week ahead with our Annual on property Ram sale on Thursday, Geoffrey will be very happy when that is over, these are a few of the little chaps on sale, hopefully they bring good dollars.

Have a great weekend to all, look forward to seeing some more comments.



Janelle Wind said...

Yay Kerry - I am more that happy to comment. Love the quilt from the Jelly Roll - a great idea!!

And look at those Rams - what handsome fellows. I hope the sale goes well for Geoffrey too.

Have a great week x Janelle

TinaC said...

Hello! I just found your blog from reading Craftapple. What beautiful work you do! I'd love to know how to order your book. The bag is beautiful and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be the lucky winner. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Tina

Kim, Bundarra said...

Hi Kerry, I am so glad you changed your settings. I love the jelly roll quilt. It looks like a perfect quilt in a day opportunity to visit Nundle.
Your bag is lovely. Please put me in the draw.
Good luck at the sale.
Kim, Bundarra

tanya.s said...

Hi, your quilt looks great, simple but so effective, should be a good one for me and quick. Those boys look like there raring to go! Hope all goes well, don't know if we will get there or not depends on shearing.
Luv Tanya xx

Georgette said...

Love your bag and quilt, the jelly rolls look like they make the job easy!

Hope you get a good price for your sheep at the sale.

Can you please tell me how I can order your book, it looks delish!

liz squire said...

Surprise! Kerry! Time I de-lurked! ;-))

Hope those handsome young men bring good prices.....


lindiepindie said...

Wow - 3 hours WITH talking time? That's really great. I can see how using the jelly rolls could save a lot of time with a quilt like this. It's very pretty.

I didn't know you raised rams. They're fun-looking little guys, but being a city-girl, I have no idea what I'm talking about. :o)

Well, if summer holidays are almost over, then cool weather must be just around the corner!

Anonymous said...


Angie said...

I love that simple rail fence quilt...the fabrics are just gorgeous!! And the bag is WONDERFUL! What line is the fabric from? It's truly lovely!
Oh, look at your fellas!! I want some critters but my husband is a city boy, and just looks at me like I've lost my mind when I tell him I want a horse, a cow, some goats and chickens and sheep and....ROFL

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry
Finally I can leave a comment. I have wanted to at other times but couldn't. Like the new quilts for the year on your last post.
Great Bag.
Goodluck with the rams the wool market has kicked and with some rain hopefully a better market for selling.
Donna D @ Coonamble

weirdbunny said...

Why those rams belong to you, how cool is that.

By the way whats a jelly roll?

I'd love to go into the draw for the back too .....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry
The jelly roll quilt looks great will have to try one. Loved the angels you and your friends made as well. Hope you are getting some rain. Good luck with the ram sale. I wouldn't mind the bag as well so count me in!!!!!!!!!

Gai P. Narromine

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,
I have been "lurking" since our visit last year - your pretty bag is a good excuse to blogg! Have just made your stitchery roll from your on-line tutorial - great for my Leanne's House BOM. All the best for the new year & hope to see you "on the hill" soon.
Leanne, Walcha

Club Quilt Narromine said...

Hi Kerry

Well done on the annivesary - how many words is that in the past 12 months, (lots of great reading for us) Like the new the bag....the sheep are cute.
The idea of the jelly rolls sounds good.....great way to make up a quick gift.
"Club Quilt" Narromine

Anonymous said...

Me Me Me! I want to be in the drawing! Love your stuff.
Donna S.

Maryanne Patteson said...

Hi Kerry, At last we can add a comment easily!! Am back from hols and look forward to Tuesdays again. You have achieved more than I have over the holidays!


Anonymous said...

I really love the bag, it would come in very handy for me as I'm just starting off with patchwork!!
It would be great for me to carry my projects in.
xx Jessica S

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerry, I will have to visit your blog again its been fun reading all the messages from everyone. You are amazing with how much you achieve you must never sleep. Love everything.
Love Vicki xoxoxo

pigbook1 said...

Love the quilt but I am new to quilting and I have never heard of this jelly roll business. What is it?

AJ said...

I just bought my first jelly rolls this month and I am so excited to get started with them - hopefully this weekend :-).

I can't wait to see your finished top. The pattern I am drawing out is very similar.