Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Far too busy to blog ---sorry ----Plus Chrissy in July Give Away

I just seem to be far too busy to blog at the moment, had another great retreat last weekend, this group of lovely ladies have been coming for quite some time, each year they make the trip up the New England Hwy to Nundle to spend the weekend with me. This year Tanya had her sister, Tracey, visiting all the way from Finland so she joined the group as well. We had a good weekend with some lovely quilts made as well as a few older ones finished off. Tracey, do hope you enjoyed yourself, and I am sure you will have many fond memories of the weekend when you snuggle up under you quilt back in Finland. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Other news, well the response from the article in Country Threads has been wonderful, lots of phone calls and emails, glad everyone is enjoying it. The kits for the Spinning Pin wheels Quilt which is featured it the magazine have been selling really well, we still have some in stock for anyone wishing to purchase one, its a great quilt for a man.
Thanks to all those who have commented on my article - all your comments are so lovely and encouraging.

The count down is on - There is only a little over two weeks to go until our annual Christmas in July retreat, this year there are over 20 ladies coming to spend 2 days with me in Nundle. This year I have organised 3 guess tutors, Janelle Wind, Natalie Ross and Rosalie Quinlan. Everyone is getting very excited, I have been very busy cooking to feed all of us. Because I am going to be away watching Sebastian play Rugby League up in North Queensland for the week prior I have to be totally organised before leaving, and believe it or not I am getting that way. For those coming the food is looking very yummy, I am sure you won't go home hungry.
For all those who can't be with us that weekend, if you make a comment on my blog between now and Friday 13th July I will put you in the draw to win one of 3 kits for the projects we will be making over that weekend.
Leave a comment and let me know what you will be up to on Friday 13th July and you will go in the draw to win.
Anyway back to the end of month book work, hope everyone is enjoying this cold wet winter we are having here in Australia, thanks for dropping by


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry
As always you sound very busy Friday 13th I will be home and quilting (I hope) hubby and son are going away for a week, should have joined you at Nundle but will think of you all. Good luck to Sebastian hope you enjoy your week in Qld. See you later in the year Gai

Leah said...

That retreat sounds wonderful - wish I could join you all. Does your shop have a website?

Tina said...

Read your article, lots of things I didnt know like about the bears. Do you still sell kits or made bears. Looking forward to Christmas in July, I think I brought the terrible weather from Canada with me. It is freezing on the central coast. Have a great week with Sabastian.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, sounds like you are having a very busy time at the moment. Your Xmas in July will be great I'm sure.
Have fun in "Sunny" Queensland.
Put me in the draw for sure. please

Wisdom.Courage.Love said...

Hi Kerry, I enjoy reading your blog and one day hope to come to one of your retreats!!! On Friday the 13th I will be spending time with my children and hubby as he is about to go away for 5 weeks work in QLD. Will definately be a shock to the system not having him around... Looking forward to getting more sewing done though. Have a great xmas in July. from Pennie

Sheryl said...

Your christmas in July sounds great! My day will be very boring in comparison- just chasing munchkins and probably doing post-holiday washing as we will be back from up the Far North Coast of NSW the day before.

Have fun!

Maryanne said...

Hello All,

I hope your Christmas in July retreat goes well, I am sure it will. I will be home catching up on some sewing, as I have worked for quite a few extra days over the past few weeks. My dad is coming over from Orange soon, so may be he will be here on Friday 13th July. I hope I get to go to more Tuesday gettogethers next term! Hope you get some snow on the 13/14th July.

Maryanne P

Leigh said...

Hi Kerry wish I could be with you on friday 13th. Have a great day, I'll be thinking of you.

tami said...

I wish I could be with you on Friday 13th. Not only does the retreat sound fun, but I have always wanted to go to Australia. :-D

Tanya said...

Sounds like a great retreat! Wish I was somewhere near you. I will be just getting into the States from Japan. My poor husband is staying home and the 13th is our 27th wedding anniversery! That's the only way I could get inexpensive plane tickets! Boo Hoo!!!

Chookyblue said...

Hi Kerry, Well you are busy as ever...not long until I am over ....you will be well over christmas by the time I get there....

weirdbunny said...

Christmas in July, I don't think I could cope with 2 christmases a year !!! Have fun ! - love Julia x

marja said...

unfortunaltey friday 13th will see me working. Goodluck to seb and you, I know sometines as a parent you are more nervous than the player I know I am.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You are a busy lady! No rest for the weary, as they say. Enjoy your retreat and retreaters... check in when you can; you always treat us with the best show and tell!

caz said...

Hi Kerry
On friday 13th i will be preparing for a first-ever visit from my god daughter (niece) and her 3yo daughter Chelsea.
Love your photos !

Lynda said...

Sounds like it will be a great weekend - lovely tutors and terrific food. Something I would like to attend (one day ...).

liz squire said...

On Friday the 13th I'll be hugging the computer to see if I'm lucky enough to win a prize! Hope so....have a wonderful weekend...wish I could be there!


Jewells said...

It's Black Friday on 13th July
I'm parinoid, oh me oh my
I cross my fingers, I cross my toes
why I'm doing it, no body knows
At work as a secretary I will be
watching black cats following me
Would rather be home sewing away
Than working in dread all of the day.

toni alexander said...

your xmas in july retreat sounds wonderful - i hope it is a terrific success for you! am i jealous that i can't attend?? YES! what will i be doing on friday 13th?? staying away from the car! i always run out of petrol on friday the 13th's!!!! i am going to walk everywhere!!! including the petrol station *vbg* hope you have loads of fun! cheers, toni :O) xxx

**De** said...

Wow - this is my first visit to your blog and reading this post so makes me wish that I could be attending your Christmas in July retreat!

Friday 13 July will be another normal day for me - hopefully with some relaxing stitching time in there as a bonus (Only can only hope!)

Have a great retreat and I hope your son plays well in his rugby

Anonymous said...

On Friday the 13th it will be school holidays here in West Australia. Will spend the day with my two youngest and do some work on my eldest daughters wedding quilt. Hope everyone else has a special day.

Sarah said...

Oh Kerry, Put my in the draw please!! I would ONE day love to attend one of your retreats!!! As for what I will be up to - Just a normal day, at work :( Hope to attend chat with afew of my online craft friends in the evening!
I hope you can get lots of RELAX time while away for the Rugby.
Sarah X

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry I hope you have a fab time with all the girls .
on friday I will be dropping the kids at school and then doing some sewing and I may even do a little housework
have fun and say Hi to Janell for me
ohh can I be in the draw please

Kindest regards Beth


Karol-Ann said...

Just found your blog - lots of lovely things to read about and a drawing too! On Friday the 13th I'll be trying to keep my little ones busy all day so that when they go to bed, I'll get some sewing time LOL

Lesley said...

Just found your blog through Leanne. Wish I could join your retreat, it sounds like it will be fantastic. I spent the day studying (at uni) and chasing around for my teenage son.