Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gosh another week has gone by without a post
I really can't believe just how fast every day, every week, every month is flying by at the moment. Life around here is incredibly busy, last week we celebrated Sebastian 18th Birthday, we had a lovely dinner out with family and friends. I can still remember him as this cute little blonde hair boy. Talking of time flying the years have flown pass so quickly.
Then over the weekend (my only free weekend for weeks) I decided to paint all of my kitchen cupboards, which turned out to be a massive job, I will share a photo of them when i get the kitchen all back into order.
The shop has also been very busy with lots of lovely ladies popping in to purchase fabrics etc, I have just completed another 2 day retreat with a great bunch of ladies from the Hunter Valley and Sydney. Four of them were up for a challange and decided to try their hands at the Double Wedding Ring quilt, while Di & Susan put together all the blocks for "A Family Gathering" by Annie Downs and Jan made this gorgeous old world rose quilt. It was great to have you all join me for the 2 days, looking forward to seeing you all in Nundle again.
I was looking after a neigbours son for a couple of hours as well, Milo just had to join the ladies for the photo, once again smiles all around.Tomorrow I have another group of ladies arriving to spend the weekend with me, Donna - from Chookyblue -will be among this weekends group. So I am spending this evening cooking some yummy cakes and slices for there morning and afternoon teas, and also roasting a pumpkin to make Roasted Pumpkin soup for lunch on Saturday. Gillian has put out a request fro snow, but I don't really think it will, this last week has been considerably warmer.
After 5 weeks holidays Nicole returned to Bathurst to start her final semester of Uni down there, it's always great to have her home and sad to see her leave again. she was very happy last week when she received notice of her exams results, well done she passed everything last semester.

Oh well back to the kitchen for me, hope everyone has had a great week, thanks for dropping by.



Chookyblue said...

Oh I am so excited.........the food is always fab.......see if you get this before we see you.........

Tina said...

Great to see the lovely photos of Chrissy in July. You are so organised and then to randamly throw in a kitchen painting project, wow! Do you ever sleep!!

Happy In Quilting said...

Hi Kerry
Look forward to seeing your photos after chookyblue has visited, I can then put a face to the name who leaves such lovely comments on our blog.
Rmjoy yout weekend, and the countdown is on - our retreat is just around the corner.

Karol-Ann said...

Wow and I thought I was busy with 2 small children and our house being totally renovated!

Outbackgirl said...

Kerry, make sure you crack the whip with those country girls - I want to see finished tops photograhped on Sunday before they leave!

Leigh said...

Would love to see a photo of your painting efforts.