Monday, September 24, 2007

The Most popular quilt in store at present................

Well what a big weekend we all had, I some how over booked with my retreat this weekend and ended up with 13 in the class, after shuffling around the tables we made room for everyone, I cut all weekend, they all worked very hard and we ended up with lots of gorgeous quilt tops. I didn't manage to snap a photo before they all left so I decided to post a photo of the quilt that has been the most popular over the past few weeks.

The quilt design is called Past Times, by Lyn Wilson, my sample is made using a mixture of fabrics, alot out of the Siennna range. 3 of my group on the weekend made their version of this quilt, while a couple of the other ladies purchased kits to take home and make in their own time.

It was a fun weekend, all the ladies joined us for a local Prawn and Chicken night in the town hall, this is a annual event to raise money for the local pre-school, some of them danced into the wee hours of the morning and still turned up to class bright as buttons.

Melinda, Anne and Kathy stayed an extra night and re visited me this morning to take a trip up to our other property to visit Geoffrey in the shearing shed, as they hadn't had the opportunity to see sheep being shorn before. Shearing is part of running a sheep property but fasinating to the out sider. In my next post I will share some photos of in side the shed.

Until then take care



Tina said...

What a beautiful quilt. Sounds like you had another fantastic weekend. What a great job you have meeting all these ladies, making new friends and sharing your skills. Have a great week.

JudyG said...

Where can I get a copy of the pattern?

weirdbunny said...

wow, doing a course with you is so much more than a bit of patchwork. they clearly get their monies worth, joining in night time entertainment and a bit of sheep sheering, sounds like they had a fantastic time ~ love Julia

itziarpatch said...

I am spanish, and your blog is fantastic

Sarah said...

Hi Kerry,
That quilt is just beautiful!! I actually have that pattern, and am going to make it using the Maison De Noel fabrics. It actually was on my "to do" list this year and have not had the time yet!! :o(
Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry from Anne & Melinda!
We had a great weekend & we are counting the weeks down until next year!
Thank you for your special hospitality & also thanks to the Nundle community for making us so welcome in your beautiful country town!
We eventually made it home, after many detours, with the car packed to the rafters. We certainly made the most of every bit of our weekend!
Hi to Geoffrey & thanks again! Still considering May. Will let you know.
Love Anne & Melinda.

Mandi said...

Love the quilt...thaniks for sharing and the cows are adorable.....