Thursday, October 25, 2007

The countdown is on

Well just finished another 2 day retreat with a lovely group of ladies that have been visiting me for a few years now from Sydney, it was great to have them with me again. Apart from no electricity for a couple of hours this morning the retreat went really well, with them all working very hard on their choosen quilts. I look forward to seeing some photos once completed.
For some un known reason the power went out here at 7.10am and didn't come back on for over 4 hour, we cut and pinned, picked out borders etc to fill in the time, I am sure you can all understand how difficult it is to run a retreat without power, no lights, no sewing machines no irons, no music and no tea or coffee. I am sure there could be worst things to go wrong.
I have only 3 more retreats for the year, then my Christmas gathering on the 8th December, anyone is welcome to come along to this. We always have a great day with lots of yummy food, Christmas swap gifts, small projects to work on as well as a wonderful display of quilts around my garden.
Also a quick mention for anyone who was thinking of joining our instore Pin cushion swap, they need to be to me by the end of the month (or at least your name), at present there are about 45 pincushions that have been sent in from all over Australia, I will post a photo soon of them all.
Also just a quick mention to say that over the past 2 days we have had some absolutely lovely rain, not sure how much but, everything just looks so fresh and alive with the rain.
Until next time, happy sewing


maryanne said...

Hasn't the rain been lovely??
I hope we get some more tonight. I love the sound of the rain on the roof, very relaxing to hear the rain when you are trying to get to sleep. Sujatha and Pete are coming up for the weekend.

Tanya said...

I can see how having no electricity would be a problem. It's a wonder you didn't all just pack up! As a participant I probably would have laughed it off too, but if I was in charge! Think of the panic that might set in! Glad you had a good time!

Karol-Ann said...

On no, no power. I think I could survive without my sewing machine for a few hours, but not sure about the tea and coffee LOL. Glad it all went ok though. Your Christmas gathering sounds wonderful (bit far for this time LOL)

Leigh said...

Pleased to hear you have had some rain. It is badly needed.

Tina said...

Fantastic to hear of the rain. I got up at 3.30am this morning for a "wee break" and it was SNOWING. How fantastic is that. The first falls for the season. You will have to send me a photo of the Christmas gathering, I so enjoy them.
Enjoy the rain and the warm weather.

Annie said...

Glad you've had some rain. It does make a differnce to everytning. I will be interested to see the pin cushions when you put them up.