Sunday, November 04, 2007

Busy weekend with Great results

This weekends group travelled from Queensland to visit me, they have done so for the past few years, it was wonderful to see them all again. I know they were all very happy with their achievements, Marg nearly completing 2 lovely quilt tops, Di J and Nancy were also well on their way. Gail and Jenny both completed "Past Times"and Di created a stunning version of my "Stars & Stripes quilt. Well donre ladies.
It was a great weekend for sewing with some heavy rain falls throught out the two days, I spent the whole time cutting and thinking of all the things I have to make between now and Christmas, I really need to write a list and cross them off one at a time, Believe me it will be a very long list.
Maybe I should make my list public so you can all keep an eye on my progress. Ha Ha
Anyway thanks for dropping by,


Chookyblue said...

wow what a long way to drive and a lovely small group .......not long now until the end of the retreats for the year.........

Tina said...

What a great assortment of quilts your ladies made. Also lovely to here about the road. And yes a list would be fantastic, I keep misplacing mine, ha ha.