Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome sign

Just a short post to share my new sign which we hung at the front door to the shop yesterday evening. I am really happy with the way the sign came up, this is something I was going to do about 5 years back, better late then never.
Also you can see one of my Hollyhocks that grow in garden in front of the shop, they look beautiful at the moment all out in bloom, standing tall with their crimson flowers, hopefully the cows in the paddock don't decide to have them for dinner again. One morning a few months back I discovered that the cows had eaten the hollyhocks down to ground level, the hollyhocks obviously didn't mind.
Happy sewing


weirdbunny said...

Every shop needs a sign ! Yours certainly looks stylish .... ~ love Julia x

Anonymous said...

Great sign Kerry. Lovely photos with the hollyhocks too. Oh yes I hope the cows don't cull them again.
Now do you actually get Monday off or is the shop just closed?

Happy In Quilting said...

just love your new sign Kerry


Tina said...

Wow the sign looks "awesome", "good job", thats my Canadian accent coming through. It is funny to see the beautiful hollihock, it is -12 degrees today with a sprinkle of snow on the ground and the trees.

Annelies said...

It is a very beautiful sign Kerry !

Sarah said...

Great sign Kerry, a long time coming LOL
Sarah x