Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just to wet your appetite

Just thought I would share with you what I started working on this afternoon. After the success of "Girls Day Out" Libby Richardson's BOM (which is still available if your not already working on it) her new BOM is "Lace & Grace Tea Party. It is made using the Verenda range of Fabrics by Northcott, these are a Quest for a Cure range, with money from their sales going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Libby will also donate part of the sales of the pattern to NBCF.
This quilt will be on sale as a Block of the Month from March/April, using the same fabrics as Libby's original.
Thanks for dropping by


Anonymous said...

I was given Libby's Girls day out BoM (in its entirety) at Xmas last year.
Unfortunately, it was minus alot of general fabric, had absolutely no specialty fabrics and was a big disapointment.
I wish my friend had talked to me before buying it , but hehe - one doesnt look a gift horse in the mouth! and I was always taught to make lemonade with lemons!

Sadly though it was really over priced and the particular shop it was purchased from was totally oblivious to my feedback about the missing parts. I almost returned it but Id already almost finished block one. I was very excited to have gotten it and didnt stop to check it was all there straight away !( I know ! I bopped myself on the head already)
Anyway, I have long since given up trying to reason with the shop owner and have gone about hunting down all the missing parts from elsewhere.
Which leads me to my question....
I am having an awfully hard time finding the "bust-stand" specialty fabric used in block 6 (the fashion shop)
So I am wondering since you mentioned the quilt in your blog, if you have any info as to the nature of this fabric or any suggestions where I might be able to purchase some. Or even any ideas for a replacement fabric.
This is my first BIG project. I am fairly new to quilting and stitching and this seemed like a dream project to start with.
I will keep an eye here incase you have any clues, but you can also reach me here: secrets@bigpond.net.au
I have spent a few hours reading your site now ( side tracked me from my hunt !) Its really great.
I wish I lived closer and had the opportunity to visit your store.
Thank in advance
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Count me in on the new BOM please, if you haven't already done so.

Anonymous said...

It does look beautiful. Love the colours and fabrics.

Patch said...

it looks really pretty - nice of Libby to donate some profits to a charity too