Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Friends - what would we do without them!!

another day spent cutting kits and packing orders in the shop, I did fit in a few minutes to do a little hand stitching and once again my head is spinning with so many new quilt ideas, just not enough time to actually sit and sew, maybe this weekend I will manage to squeeze a little in.
Thanks so much Janelle for you patience tonight, much appreciated. Will learn to upload photos next then I will be able to show you all the things I ve been working on. Maybe I will need to call on a friend to help me with that.
Good night, sweet dreams

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Janelle Wind said...

Hi Kerry, all of your posts were here WOO HOOO! I am more than happy to help you anytime. This blog world is so new and takes a bit of getting used to. Photo's it is then - next time!!! Can't wait to see your new creations... x Janelle