Friday, March 10, 2006

Bathurst Trip

Wednesday we drove down to Bathurst (5hours drive) to visit Nicole who is at Uni there. She took her self off a few weeks back so we decided to have a couple of days away and take some things down to her. It was great to see her and check out where she is living. She is actually rening a granny flat off my Uncle which seems to be working out very well. Nicole had found a big scrapbooking shop in Bathurst so I spent an hour or so in there, then we called into The Home Patch to catch up with Annie.
Thursday morning was a big day for Nicole as she took delivery of a brand new Red Suzuki Swift - how cool , its a great little car. This is a photo of Nicole and myself after we had taken "Cosmo" (her nick name for the car) for a spin around Mount Panorama. (sorry for the quality of the photo having trouble with my camera ). This car better last a long time, hopefully she looks after it well.
On our way home yesterday we stopped into Sofala for a lunch break, I have family decendants that came from that part of the world, so it was nice to check out the tiny village, it reminded me very much like Nundle.
Oh well better get off this computer and do some work, I am sure Kerstin and Judy took great care of the shop in my absent.
Until next time, take Care

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Lauren said...

WoW sounds like you had a great time, I'm sure you daugther would have loved seeing you too...

You sound so busy, where to you find the time to scrap? lol

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend,

Lauren x