Saturday, March 11, 2006

Great Day in the Barn

We have had a great day sewing, Suzie with a little apprehension choose her first ever quilt, I cut it up for her and she made wonderful pace, by lunch time she had all the squares together, then this afternoon appilqued 9 very cute sheep onto the quilt top. I am sure she was very pleased with herself and hooked, there goes the scrapping for awhile. Tanya also pieced a flannel quilt top together, she thought the colours might suit Gary (DH). Geoffrey my DH said it doesn't really matter what colour they are, just so long as they keep you warm.
Here's a photo of both Suzie and Tanya relaxing after dinner, I am sure we have all eaten far tooooo... much food and a few to many Pink Champagnes today. I will post a photo tomorrow of the quilt tops.
I actually found time to sew, finished off a flannel quilt top and thanks Janelle for those quick instructions on the phone yesterday, have half made a queen size quilt top, will email you a photo.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend

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Janelle Wind said...

I can't wait to see the photo's of the finished quilt tops. Now you have me wanting to stitch again... Oh if only we had more hours in the day LOL x Janelle