Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Cute

How Cute is "Grace" ? Each month with my Tuesday class we make a small project that is achievable in the day. Today we made this cute little rag doll, her name is "Grace" and the pattern is by Ros Quinlen. Her dress has been made in Pink Chenille with strippy pants. All the ladies had fun making her, I managed to remember to take a photo but not before a couple had already left.
It was very cold here today so we had the pot belly going in the shop again to keep us all snug.
Tomorrow I have another two day retreat, this time I have all new comers to my shop, these ladies have all travelled up from the central coast to spend the next 2 days sewing and making themselves a new patchwork quilt.

Thanks for dropping by


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Janelle Wind said...

she looks gorgeous Kerry and the girls look like they had great fun too. Wish I lived closer!!! Hope your retreat is going well too x Janelle