Friday, August 25, 2006

The end of another big week - how blessed I am

I can't believe another week is over, the weather has been so wonderful this week, surely winter isn't over yet. Even tonight it is so mid, hopefully maybe some rain is on the way.
Wednesday and Thursday saw another retreat with a lovely group of ladies from Sydney, some of them have been visiting me for the past 3 years and a very warm welcome to the new comers, it was very nice to have you all with me. Do hope you are all happy with the wonderful quilts you all made, look forward to seeing them completed.
That Antique Flower Range has certainly been popular lately, they all look great. This is a photo of the group before they finished up yesterday afternoon. Well done to each and everyone of them, I love the hexagons.
Each and every day when I walk into my shop, even on those days when I am totally worn out like today, I am reminded what a wonderful job I have and how lucky and blessed I am to have the opportunity to work in such an industry. I feel so lucky to share my knowledge and skills with so many women, to be able to encourage them to acheive and create wonderful heirlooms, to give them the chance to come and spend a couple of days in the country with me. I can honestly say I love every minute of it. The ladies I ve met and the friendships I ve sewn have all made me a better person. I offen wonder how my life would be if not for the "Cottage on the Hill". Thank you to each and everyone who has touched my life, I truly am grateful.
Enough of that, I ve just finished cooking for my new group of 12 ladies who will be with me over the weekend, so better find my way to bed. Have a great weekend, take care.

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lindiepindie said...

You really ARE blessed! When I look through quilting magazines and get inspired or just look at a stack of charm pack fabrics, it makes me want to own a fabric store - then I could have ALL the fabric I ever wanted. :o) I'm sure all the women you work with love that you share your knowledge with them!