Friday, October 06, 2006

Hi there,

Hi everyone your all probably wondering where I have been, well Geoffrey and I escaped for a well earnt weeks holiday. We flew over to Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand for the week which was wonderful, as usual. Geoffrey and I actually met there nearly 25 years ago so it holds special memories for us. We both love Queenstown, I love the incredible views from every direction, the rugged snow capped mountains and the magical lake that the town is situated on. We didn't do very much for the week, booked ourselves on a bus trip to Milford Sound for a day which was brilliant, the mountains captivate my attention, I never get sick of looking at them. We shopped, ate out, New Zealand has fabulous food, meet with friends, Virginia and Kirsty for a winery tour and did a four wheel drive trip for a day, caught the Gondula up to the Sky Line over looking Queenstown (where we first met), drank cocktails at the Minus 5 bar and went Para gliding over the lake. Apart from all that we had a very relaxing week. But now its back to work, I have a retreat this weekend, then I think there are only about 6 more for the year.

This is a photo taken in Greenstone Valley where we went on our 4 wheel drive trip.

This is another shot on our 4 wheel drive trip

I must finish here, have a big weekend ahead, I will show off a few other photos soon.

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