Sunday, November 12, 2006

The years coming to a close

This weekends retreat group were from Tamworth and this was their first retreat with me, I 'am sure they were all very happy with their acheivements, well done to you all, your quilts looked great. Do hope to see you all again soon, it was great getting to know you all a little better.
Its been a busy weekend in Nundle with the Annual Art Show on, Geoffrey and I went along to the opening night on Friday which was very pleasant. Then just up the hill, was a quilt and craft show on at Hanging Rock. I supplied them with about 20 quilts for their show so do hope that went off well.
Tomorrow, Monday, I fully intend staying home and hopefully being able to do some sewing as I just haven't had time to any over the past few months. I have so many unfinished items on the go plus two friend quilts I have to do my part on, then there are all the new designs I am working on, maybe I need to sew for a month not just one day. I will post some photos if I do acheive something.
Anyway I am worn out as per usual.
Good night
Thanks for dropping by


tanya.s said...

Quilts look great! If your going to do some sewing maybe I better start as well, christmas isn't far away. I probably should have started 2 months ago. Happy sewing
xx Tanya

chiffonnette said...

What a beautifull things !!!!