Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where do I start
Well Christmas has come and gone, do hope you all had a happy and safe time.
We celebrated quitely with friends for a ymmy festive dinner Christmas eve, then just the 3 of us on Christmas day, while I was at Church, Geoffrey & Sebastian feed the Rams and the cattle so that we could head over to my parents place at Tuncurry, just 3 hours drive away on Christmas afternoon. Mum and Dad were by themselves so we thought we could manage a day away. It was sad not having Nicole with us, for her first Christmas away, but the world is such a small place and we spoke a couple of times on the phone which was nice. She had friends with her so that made her day happy and enjoyable.

Boxing Day, saw my baby girl turn 21 years old, and here she is thousands of miles away, once again we sopke a few time on the phone to bridge the gap. We are planning a party to celebrate her 21st when she arrives home in Feburary. I ve become an Ebay shopper and purchased all this beautiful Royal Winton for her 21st. She started a collection when she was about 12years old, so this will be something to remember her 21st by in years to come.

The week before Christmas, the local ladies in our Paper Bag Quilt, (friendship quilt) which has been running most of the year, got to gether to return the bags to their owners. There were 8 of us in the group, here are a few photos of the blocks they received back, and now the fun begins, we have set a dead line for the quilt tops to be together by 1/3/07.

This is Jo with her collection of Australian fabrics made into stars

Then we have Emily with her Seed Packet Stitcheries

Ros was so pleased with her blocks or should I say rows, looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for her quilt, great country colours.

Bonnie's blocks looked great, I am sure she will have fun putting her quilt together as well.

So sorry to make this such a long post, do hope you all have a great new Years Eve. I look forward to getting stuck into lots of sewing over the next few weeks so keep checking back to see what new quilts I make.

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lindiepindie said...

Your daughter and I share a close birthday. Mine was the 25th, although I'm several years older! The gift looks like one that will be treasured! Isn't Ebay great?

Thanks again for the book!