Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Gathering

Wow !!!!!!!! after heaps of preparation, lots of late nights and early mornings, yesterday finally arrived, I will thrilled with the way the day worked out, there were 28 ladies who joined me for my annual Christmas Gathering in the shop.

Believe it or not they all had a chair to sit on and a needle in their hand, then it was down to business, there was lots of chatter, eating, sewing, eating a little more, laughing, sharing stories, hugs and kisses, exchanging of gifts, a little more food and a wonderful day had by all.

I had made some yummy Christmas treats for morning tea, the fruit mince slice was a huge hit. Not much left in this photo.

Then everyone sat around and made a simple little Christmas door knob decoration which I had ready in kit form for them, then we had a finger food lunch in my garden which I had decorated with everyones show and tell. All of the quilts, dolls, bags and table runners looked fantastic hanging over the fences, in trees or over a chair. After lunch we returned to the shop for a delicious frozen ice cream and fruit pudding, before everyone had to pack up and return home.

I do hope everyone had a fun day, sharing the spirit of Christmas with like minded kindred spirits, a big thankyou to all those that came as well as everyone else who has supported me throughout 2006, the best part of my job is mixing with so ..................many wonderful people.

I have a big week ahead, heaps of mail order to post, my home to decorate and christmas mail to write, hopefully not as many late nights as last week.
Until my next post, keep safe and cool ( sounds like this week is going to be a scorcher)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kerry I SO wish I wasn't sick and could have made it up to be part of the celebrations. It looks and sounds like you all had a FABULOUS time. Your project looks great too... x Janelle