Monday, February 12, 2007

21 st Party all over - Wow what a great night

Well where do I start, the last week has been very hectic, Geoffrey and I left for Sydney last Wednesday stopping in to visit Janelle on the way, it was great to see her. Then after a stop in at Peters of Kensington (great shop) we eventually made in to Carmen and Chris' home for the night (they are the parents of Liz, Nicole's travel companion) thanks for an enjoyable evening. Thursday morning early we met the girls at Sydney airport, it was great to see them and catch up on all their adventures over the past 3 months. The 5 hours trip home soon turned into a very long day with a shopping list that we needed to complete before our return home. Nicole had been hoping to have a dress made in Hong Kong for her party but because of Chinese New Year there was no hope so she purchased some gorgeous silk fabric for me to make a dress for her and one for myself to wear to the party (Saturday night).
So Friday sometime I started the dress making, thank goodness the two patterns we picked out were both easy ones, this is a photo of Nicole and I along with Geoffrey, at the party with our new dresses on, they looked great if I must say so myself.

After an enjoyable evening Friday night, with a few of Nicoles school friends staying over it was time to finish off the dresses and make the birthday cake ready for the party. Her party was in Tamworth and what a great night we all had, about 120 family and friends joined us to celebrate her 21st Birthday (it was actually 26/12 while she was in England), the theme for the night was a dash of Oriental, there was lots of finger food to nibble on, champagne and drinks all round, fantastic music to dance to and lots of fun and laughter. It is so hard to believe that my little girl is 21, I am just not sure where the years have gone to. It was so wonderful that so many friends and family could make the trip to Tamworth to share this special time with us, we have heaps of photo's to remember the occasion, I have made a mini album to put them all into so will have to do that one day.

Here is a photo of the cake, we got 3/4's of the way through the evening and realised it was still in the cool bag so after a rushed job this is what it looked like, 60 small chocolate cakes in little oriental boxes with a heart on the top layer. After a late night, Sunday saw lots of the guests arrive for lunch at home which was very nice to have them visit before their long trips home. Nicole has many wonderful friends, so I decided to make her a small quilt using lots of photos of them all, this is her with the start of the quilt top I presented to her at the party, everyone signed the patches, so now I will add lots more photos before completing the quilt which she will have for ever to remember the night.

So after a huge weekend I am ready for a good nights sleep, Happy 21 st Nicole.
PS reminder about the draw this week for everyone who comments on my blog to celebrate it's first birthday.


leanne beasley said...

Kerry, it sounds like you and your family had a WONDERFUL weekend! The dresses look fantastic! The cake is divine (what a very clever idea)! The quilt, I am sure, will be a most fantastic memory! I love the idea of putting the photos into it. It's a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow....what a fantastic weekend, Happy 21st to Nicole and what a great mum you have. Love the outfits.......the cake, spectacular and to even have time to make a quilt - what a clever lady you are Kerry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerry, what a great night was had by all, everything was fabulous. You did a great job sewing yours and Nicoles dresses and her birthday cake was amazing. Happy 21st bithday again Nicole, love Vicki xoxox

Anonymous said...

Kerry, you are a wonder woman, dont know where you find the time to sleep. Nicole's party sounds wonderful. Dresses, quilt and cake all looked fantastic.
Cathy Gunnedah

lindiepindie said...

I can't believe you finished 2 dresses in 2 days (or less)! Amazing - and they look great! What a pretty quilt. I see some Amy Butler in there - beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea for the cake and what a wonderful idea to not have the quilt top finished until after the party. What a lovely keepsake for her. Happy Birthday Nicole.