Monday, February 05, 2007

My mind is blank

Well I am just having one of those moments when I am not sure exactly where to start. Last week was a very sad week for my family as we lost a close friend and work mate to cancer, he will be sadly missed around here as he started working for Geoffrey's father at the age of 14, some 40 odd years ago. In true Nundle form his funeral was huge and his send off was shared with a few (or should I say lots) cold beers and lots of stories about his life, 3 cheers for the shearer in the purple suit, we will miss having you around.

I seem to have been really busy creating but haven't got much to show for it yet, I started on a quilt last week using the Angel Among Us range which is coming up well, will post a photo when the quilt top is altogether.

A friend gave me a very cute bag for christmas and inside was a small journal so I was working on it yesterday and decided to make it into my 2006 Christmas Journal, so here is the front cover and one of the pages from inside, these are my two men in my life, 17 year old son Sebastian and my darling husband Geoffrey.

Yesterday Geoffrey and I spent lots of time in the Garden, even though it was a very hot day, we just had to plant out lots of plants I had sitting here in pots. After building a new shed outside the yard last year we decided to extend the fence line again, so hench the garden was then extended out to met the new fence. I will post a photo later when everything starts flowering.

Nicole is due back from her 3 months overseas this week, we will be picking her up at Sydney airport. At present she is in Hong Kong spending the week sight seeing and shopping. Just two days after she arrives home we are having a party to celebrate her 21st, this should be great to catch up with lots of her friends and their families, then it is back to uni for her next week. Last year of her nursing degree.

I fully intend sitting here today by the computer writting my Feb. newsletter, this will be available on my web site for anyone interested in reading all about what is going on in the shop over the next few months.

And remember my blog is one year old on Feb. 16th, anyone leaving a comment will go into the draw to win the page pictured a couple of posts back, so all those that visit my blog leave a message it's easy, simply click on comments at the bottom of this post and follow the directions.

So until I post again, thanks for dropping by , have a great week



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of your family's friend Kerry - it must be a very sad time for you, he sounded much too young to go.

I do read your blog when I get the chance - I'm always keen as mustard but time constraints often get in the way of some 'me time'. Tks for the great newsletter too, I love to hear about the new quilts you are including in your range - I love the look of the Chocolate Treats quilt & the jelly rolls sound great to work with. I'm thinking seriously about doing the post & rail thing at our retreat in June as I love the uniformity of that type of pattern (my sister's all tell me I'm anal that way ... but that's just me :-D I usually check your website on a monthly basis to see what's new in preparation for our sewing weekend (which I might add is the highlight of my year - It's my birthday present to myself). Anyway lovely to read about the new stuff & keep posting - I'm looking forward to my Nundle weekend in June soooooo much. Bye & take care till then. Lee Scott

Tina said...

Hi Kerry, Your new blog looks great. Loved the new jelly rolls we saw at the shop(my colours). Thanks for the lovely day we had last week. Welcome back Nicole have a great birthday party.


weirdbunny said...

Hi Julia here, just getting back to you as you asked where I live. I live in South Wales in the UK. Have a great day x