Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Blog ---hip hip horay

Hard to believe one year has passed since I first set up my blog, it was after I was speaking to Janelle one day and she told me to check out her new blog, I was amazed at how easy it all was, even for me who new very little about computers and the world wide web, boy I have learnt heaps and now feel confident to try most things on the web. The past year has been an amazing journey, and what a great way to keep track of my life. I have been flicking through some of my old postings, remembering different things that have gone on in our lives and the thought of sharing them with friends new and old brings me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Thank you to all those who have taken time out of their own lives to keep a watchful eye on mine, and to all those people from around the world that I have met through my blog thanks for your friendship and being part of my life.
I look forward to being able to continue my blog for a long time yet, so keep popping over and remember I would love to hear from you all, so post a comment and go in the draw for the bag plus I have decided to add another prize to my give away, so that means there will be 2 lucky winner. I will draw the names out of a hat on Monday, so stay tuned to see if you are one of the lucky 2.
I will leave you with a couple of my favourite photos that I have taken in the past 12 months, both were taken in New Zealand, on our weeks holiday in September.

Until my next post - the big draw, stay safe and well.


lindiepindie said...

Congratulations! How funny that we started our blogs within days of eachother. My blogaversary was 2/15 and I completely forgot about it! Oh well 2 prizes? Yippee!

Donna D said...

Happy birthday to your blog. Maybe I should start one.
Donna D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry and congrats on your 1st blog anniversary yesterday. I pop by heaps to catch up on what's happening. I spent yesterday at my sons' swimming carnival, but they wouldn't wear a green bikini!!!and yesterday we also celebrated our anniversary(22 years of being very happily married) See you soon, Kathy P
P.S just heard from Tina - it's very cold at -26degrees.

Sheryl said...

Happy blog birthday

Lovely to see your photo of a river WITH RUNNING WATER!

Tina said...

Hi Kerry, Happy blog Birthday!!!!
Your blog is lots of fun and your comments very entertaining. Hope you have a great week and slow down a bit (never she says).
Its only -7 with wind chill of -10 this morning.
Bye from the cold land, warm people. Tina
P.S. Got my hand sewing out last night, didnt do any but you have to start somewhere.