Monday, February 19, 2007

And..................the winner is!!!!!!!!

For all those eager blog watchers waiting for me to draw the winner of the bag, Geoffrey and I did it at breakfast this morning and the winner is Chris Gracias (Australia) and the second winner, who will receive a Cottage on the Hill bag is Julia (Wales). I will email both of you, so you can give me your postal addresses. Congratulations to you both and thanks to everyone who left a comment on my blog to go in the draw. I will do something like that again someday.

Today has been a bag day, Monday is my day off so I spent the day making 3 bags, the first 2 are out of Leanne Bealsey's new book "Romancing the Road Trip". I picked the fabrics out for the first one the day I received the book back before Christmas, I have been looking for a red Buckle for it ever since, then this morning I decided I would cover one I had with red fabric, then coated it with PVA glue. I am really pleased with the outcome.
The second bag is so simple, it takes about 1/2 hour to make and by using the bamboo handles you could have a dozen different bags. The pattern is also in Leannes book or go to her blog for a free pattern The third bag is one that Faye from Sydney showed me how to make back in January, easy, easy, just 17 squares of your favourite fabrics, I have used a Moda charm pack of Bound to the Pairie 2, which I just love. We will be making this bag next week in the Tuesday Class.I also managed to do a double scrapbooking layout using 2 photos from Nicoles year 12 Formal back in 2003, along with Crate papers out of the Feburary passion pack from I thought I might enter them in Feburary's competition, if you want to vote for me jump over to her web site. I love days like this when I actually achieve what I have set out to do, I feel very inspired to keep sewing but there is a pile of ironing waiting for me and lots of book work.
Once again thanks for dropping by and sorry I could give you all a bag.


Anonymous said...

Well done looks like you have had a great day!! Love the bags!!!
I'm going to try the one with squares.
See ya
Tanya S

weirdbunny said...

I'm so excited !!! Can't beleive it's me !!

If you send me your e-mail address via then I can send you my address. Sorry we only have one e/mail address in this house and that's John's hope that's okay. I really need to sort out my own e-mail address but I'll have to find out how. I'm not very technical !! Love Julia x

Leanne Beasley said...

The bags look great! I love how you solved the 'buckle problem' - very clever! Oh and about the ironing - it can wait - look what you did instead!!! Your scrapbooking is just beautiful.

Maryanne Patteson said...

We had another great day for our Tuesday girls, Thank you Vicki and Helen for my birthday presents, I just love them, you are both very thoughtful. Congratulations to the winners of Kerry's competition, and we look forward to next Tuesdays bag making session. I wonder what different squares we will use.

lindiepindie said...

I forgive you! :o) It is nice to be that productive in one day, isn't it. I remember when I used to be able to make a long list and check everything off. Of course, that was before the kiddos. These days I'm lucky to get 1 thing checked off! But I love them, so it's worth it. :o) I didn't realize that you scrapbooked as well. Very nice!

Tina said...

Bags look great Kerry, Say hello to the Tuesday group and tell them I hope they didnt talk too much and got heaps of work done.

Chris Gracias said...

Hi Kerry, well the postie delivered my bag today! It is fantastic...! I love big bags, and the colours are "so me" my friend said when she saw me and the bag. Already we are attached at the hip (or shoulder!!)
Also very big thank you for the extra surprise of your book (and signed special!!!) I shall love go through it.