Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Let's try again

Thanks to blogger I've been having trouble posting this post, so I'll keep my fingers crossed it's going to work this time.

Friday afternoon saw the arrival of my ladies for their weekend retreat, pictured is a photo of Suzanne, Rebecca, Val, Cathy, Jill, Renee, Sandra, Maureen, Marilyn all from Newcastle area plus Carol and Dianne who both live within a couple of hours drive.
The ladies from Newcastle joined me for the first time last October, they couldn't wait 12 months so they booked in to come back sooner. I am sure from all the laughs, they had another great time. Well done to Renee and Marilyn on completing their quilt tops, this was their first visit to me, and I know it is a bit overwhelming, both of you must be very pleased with your achievements. Everyone did very well, I look forward to seeing some photos of the finished quilts. Maureen your quilt looks great in the photo.

This years Paper Bag Quilt was due to start last week, there are 12 ladies in the group and they were all ready, I think, except myself. I just couldn't decide what quilt I wanted everyone to work on for me. Yesterday was the day, I finally made my decision and started on my journal, here is a photo of the journal cover - big thanks to Leanne Beasley for the idea, straight from Leannes DVD that came out last year. I am really pleased with the cover, just have to finish off the inside ready to pass on. I have called my quilt "Friends from Mistletoe Manor", I am using fabrics from 3 Sisters called Mistletoe Manor and have decided to let the ladies choose a friendship stitchery block of their choice,so I look forward to receiving my bag back in 11 months time to work out how I am going to put the whole thing together.

Onto the footy tipping - if anyone joined the online tipping could you please let me know so I can make sure you are in our competition. Great win the the Sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time, thanks for dropping by and have a great week were ever you may be.



Tina said...

The book cover looks great, carnt wait to see what the quilt looks like. I joined the footy tips, i actually got 5 right. Dont know if that was good or bad. Ha ha
Im so into footy!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Keslyn, What is a paperbag quilt and book.... sounds interesting. I just love Mistletoe Manor i have 30cm of 9 different shades and undecided on what to do with them at the moment!!!