Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pin Cushions, Pin Cushions, don't forget your Pin Cushion

Over yesterday and today I had my first mid week retreat for the year, and slack me forgot to take a photo of my lovely group, so instead I decided to take a photo of the pin cushions they have made to be part of my annual friendship swap. How cute are they, I would love to receive any of these. If you would like to part of my annual swap, just send in a pin cushion along with a short letter about yourself and a pre paid 500gram postal sachet and I will add you to the swap, no need to panic they don't need to be with me until October, Robyn, Lyn and Noelene are just very organised. If there is a few of you in a group, who wish to be involved you can post them all together and I will post your swapped ones back all together.

I better get back to the kitchen, busy cooking up so yummy treats for my ladies in my retreat this weekend.

Have a great weekend

PS thr NRL (Rugby league comp) starts tomorrow, if anyone would like to join my footy tipping comp contact me before about 5pm tomorrow afternoon. Go the Sharks


lindiepindie said...

Is that a little mouse poking his head up? Very cute!

Janelle Wind said...

Love the pin cushions Kerry - my favourite is the red work one - just gorgeous. I think I will have to join in this one too - thankfully I have until October - better start planning now!!

Have a great weekend
x Janelle

Tina said...

How beautiful. Will have to go buy some magazines and see if I can find one that interesting. Perhaps I can do a Canadian slant on this one. I hope to hand deliver it in July.

weirdbunny said...

I'd love to be in the pin cushion swap. The question is what shall I make ?