Friday, March 30, 2007

Small towns are great places to live !!!!!!!!!
After a very busy day cooking for my weekend retreat, cutting lots of orders and generally being run off my feet, Geoffrey and I slipped over to Wallabadbah, just 1/2 hour from home, for an evening at the local Pub. Vicki who is part of the local team entered in the up coming Relay for Life invited us over there to join in with their fund raiser, they were raising money for Cancer. It was a good night , with great music, yummy food and good company, small communties really know how to entertain. I wish I had have taken my camera, a local identity raised over $1000 to shave off his beard, which he has had for 33 years, his children had never seen him without it, so as the crowd sang "Click Goes the Shears" the local hairdresser shaved it off . The night raised over $2000 which will go towards there team effort for the relay, well done to all involved.

My photo today is off 8 books that have arrived in the post over the last couple of weeks, Thanks Leanne for those little words of advise, (just buy the lot), so I did. I have read some of the Elm Creek Quilt books, borrowed from the local library, but now I have my own, they will find pride and place on a shelf or a dresser somewhere in my home, and I will read them all again. If anyone hasn't read them they are great reading.

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Tina said...

Well you did it Kerry, a post each day for a week, (are weekends counted) I wonder if the library over here has those books???A bad head cold has layered (ha ha bit of quilt humour there)me low this week but hopefully be back on top next week.
Have a great weekend.