Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesdays Photo
Today was a fun day in the shop with 9 ladies at our weekly class, today was project day and we all made couch companions. Thanks to Leanne I just about completed 2 of them, so maybe when I finish mine I will use it for one of my photos for the week. I am going to add the other one to a friends birthday present.

This afternoon I decided to walk down to the front gate of our property and take a photo of Geoffrey's oats paddock down towards the river, I love the way paddocks are ploughed up, then sewn, and thanks to the little bits of rain we have had laterly his crop is now a few inches out of the ground. I will keep my fingers crossed that the end of the drought is insight and that his crop continues to grow, so he can use it for cattle feed. A happy farmer makes a much happier husband.

I wander what tomorrow will bring.



lindiepindie said...

Where you live is just beautiful. It must be nice to look out on your own land like that. The roses are pretty as well. There really aren't enough hours in the day, are there? I usually craft at night and last night I spent my crafting time folding laundry. Definitely could have used the extra hourse. :o) I hope you get more rain as well. A happy hubby is a definite must.

weirdbunny said...

I just love to look out of my window to the other mountain opposite us. ALl the feilds are different colours due to what they are used for. However your stipy feild is surely the best.

Tina said...

As I am typing this the snow is falling and we are expecting 10-15cm of snow this afternoon. Your roses and ploughed fields make me homesick, carnt wait to see todays photo or will it be tomorrows for me. Tina