Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Photo - meeting my challange so far.
This is a photo of the couch companion I completed tonight, the pin cushion has a felt flower on the top, I have actually designed a series of projects with felt flowers on them, the felt is easy to work with,hope to have them finished soon

Good night, off to bed, I have a one day workshop tomorrow so better get some beauty sleep .


lindiepindie said...

How pretty! The flower definitely adds a lot to the pincushion. I assume it's attached to the quilted piece underneathe?

Sarah said...

Hi Keslyn,
Great job on your arm chair caddy it looks great!! Looking forward to seeing more pics :-)

weirdbunny said...

are there pockets in the chair companion as well to put sewing sissicors in. I'm always loosing mine down the cushions of the seatee.