Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ANZAC Day in Australia & New Zealand
Today we as Australians remember those men & women who fought to keep our nation a free country. Sebastian was marching with his school in the parade in Tamworth so Geoffrey and I changed our yearly rountine and headed into Tamworth to join in the service. Hundred of people marched while thousands lined the main street to remember those war veterans who gave their lives to make our country a better place to live. It really is a day that makes in proud to be an Australian.
As I mentioned yesterday I did find sometime to fiddle around, just for myself, I made this ribbon box and nearly completed a scrapbooking layout. I also decorated a couple of tea towels and made a very cute draw string bag. I will pop the last 2 items away in my gift draw ready for someones birthday. I also tidied up my scrapbooking area, it looks all very neat and tidy now.
So all in all I had a very enjoyable day.


Belém said...

Portugal, on the Australia antipodes, celebrates its day of freedmon today too. Happy day.

Anonymous said...

We had a good crowd turn up for the march in Peak Hill as well and lots of students,staff and community members particpated. I love the ribbon box it looks great. I got the shaggy quilt cut out yesterday as well, just have to start sewing now.
See ya
xx Tanya

Sarah said...

Hi Kerry,
I just love your ribbon box, did you make it yourself or did you by it and decorate it??