Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am an extremely slack blogger------please forgive me.
Well since my last posting 2 whole weeks ago, lots has been going on in my life, just not enough time to sit and blog.

After getting the store back into order after the Easter festival, Geoffrey and I along with our very close friends Tanya & Gary headed up to the Gold Coast for a very well earnt few days.

It was just so nice to get away from work, and the drought and be surrounded in great company, the sound of the surf rolling onto the shore, eating our for every meal, sitting back and relaxing and playing the tourist.

We swam in the surf each morning before breakfast, hits the shops, went to the RM Williams Australian Outback Spectacular, Sea World, where I fell in love the with Polar Bear, caught up with friends, Hi Phil & Tracy and believe it or not, Tanya and I spent a few hours at the Stitches and Craft show that just happened....... to be on up there the same weekend.

This photo is of the view I had each morning as I lay in bed, I could see the waves rolling into the beach just 100m away. I really enjoyed falling asleep with the sound of the ocean each night. A change to the silence home here on the farm.

After 5 nights away it was back home and back to reality.

There was no rain while we were away so the country side has dryed off a little more and the water storage dropped even further, not sure the men were happy to return.

Last weekend saw another of my retreats with a lovely group of ladies that join me each year about now. 3 of them were game enough to work on a new quilt project, I have pictured Wanda and Margaret with their versions, two totally different quilts, just by using very different fabrics.

Also here is a group photo of them all, part way through Sunday afternoon. Pam was the expert machine appliquer, looking forward to seeing your Angel quilt finished.

Its a Public holiday here tomorrow, ANZAC Day , I have plans of locking myself inside and trying to complete some small porjects, I will post some photos tomorrow night if my day pans out as planned.

Thanks for dropping by



lindiepindie said...

Ah - waking up to the sound of the ocean sounds wonderful!

Tanya said...

Those two different colored quilts are beautiful! I love it when friends make the same quilt in different colors and their personalities seem to shine through! I really like the diamond effect too.
Thanks for visiting. Usually my posts aren't as interesting as the one you just saw!

Tina said...

How beautiful are the diamond quilts. Are they your design Kerry? The ladies look like they had a productive weekend. Im sure there was plenty of laughs, talking and eating as well. What great fun? The beach holiday sounded fantastic. It was 16 degrees today so carnt complain.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a well deserved break.
Love those quilts, they are as different as the girls did in our group last year.
Hopefully we'll catch up again this year.