Friday, June 01, 2007

Just Quickly......................
Cold morning here in my office, a small frost outside so I will try and make it quick so my fingers don't get too cold.
Good week so far, I have managed to sqeeze in a little sewing, finished my blocks for 1 paper bag quilt and presently working on another, just have a little stitchery to do for that then I can pass it on.
During the week I have re-written all of my 365 challange quilt as I wasn't happy with the pen I was using, I managed to find this new pen last week while visiting Janelle. Very Happy with it.
I put the borders on a new shop sample last night as well and stitched together my 365 challange quilt, I am doing mine in weeks with small borders around each, it is 2m long and will probably end up about 2.8 to 3m wide. I am using fabrics that have been used in the shop during that week to make all my borders.
This is a close up of part of the quilt, I don't really have plans it will just grow week by week.
Must run fingers are starting to get chilly.
Have a great weekend
PS Sebastian is partnering Ali this evening in Tamworth as she makes her debut. Will try and take some good photo's to share.


Tina said...

Hi Kerry,
What is a 365 Challenge quilt??? I hope the school house is heated for Christmas in July!!!! The quilt looks really great sort of scrapbook on a quilt.

linda said...

I haven't heard of a 365 challenge quilt. It sounds like it will take a good bit of time to complete, but what you've shown is pretty especially the flower embellishements. Bundle up and stay warm!

Leigh said...

Kerry your journal quilt is looking beautiful. One of the nicest I've seen I think.
Have the most marvelous night tonight and make sure to show us lots of pics. It will be a very special night for you all.

Tanya said...

Oh Keslyn! The 365 is so beautiful!!!! Wow! Looking at yours makes me want to get started!! Borders around the weeks. Yes! That would certainly brighten mine up too! I'll have to remember this when I start (in July). Ane the little embellishments are so pretty! What a great idea! Could you tll me what type of pen you are using? I bought a Japanese one because I can't get the zig or pigma or whatever they're called, but just testing the Japanese one out hasn't made me happy. I'm thinking of asking my daughter to bring me one when she comes this month. If you have something you recommend, I'd like to know. Anyway, beautiful work!

Juliann in WA said...

I love your 365 blocks - how fun!