Monday, August 13, 2007

Another group of happy customers

Well another weekend has passed with another wonderful group of ladies achieving so much,
as you can see from the photo they all did so well. 10 Quilt tops for 9 ladies.

In the front of the photo is Beulah, who is 84 years young, this was her first visit for a retreat and her first quilt, she did so well and her quilt, "Mary Mary" one of Janelle Winds older designs turned out great. Who said you are never too old to learn, I sure hope I can still make quilts at 84.


Tina said...

Well Beulah sure has taught us to "Seize the day", how fantastic.
I have just spent 6 days in Jasper (rocky mountains) absolutely amazing with a fresh dump of snow on them.
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I see Dubbo girls in this group. Wow! I see it's never too old to learn quilting. All the quilts look great. (As usual)

Leigh said...

Way to go Beulah!!!!!!!

Maryanne Patteson said...

Good on yah Beulah, it's great to see that it is never too late to start patchwork and quilting, keep up the good work!! I hope my eye-sight is still good at that age!