Sunday, February 03, 2008

Irish in the Corner - Quilt

This quilt is one I started last year for a shop sample, for some strange reason I never finished it off but this afternoon I spent just one hour on it and it is ready for the quilters. I have used a combination of the Double Irish Chain block and Puss in the Corner Block and set them all on Diagonal. It is a available it kit form using the exact fabrics.

I have also just about completed another quilt top over the weekend so will post about it another day.
Thanks for dropping by, hope you have had a great weekend where ever you may be in the small world of ours.


Chookyblue said...

great new quilt.........another one to decide from........

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks great! I really like those fabrics. You have been a very busy little bee haven't you, makes me think I better get started, we1l I better go and start my list of unfinished projects "could take a while"
See ya
Aunty Tanya

Suzi-q said...

Kerry slowdown as we don't want a burnout in 6 months time.
You are doing great and I love seeing all of your completed wisp

Anonymous said...

Oooo it looks wonderful. Love the diagonals. You have encouraged a lot of us to get things finished. Thanks xx


You are certainly 'churning' them out aren't you?. They look great.

Jenny (Jenkay)

Anonymous said...

Great quilt nice colours. Keep it up and you have no UFOs left in the cupboard!!!ibph