Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The rain has arrived

Today was a very eventful day, the return of my Tuesday class and lots of rain.
Early this morning it started raining then by 10am the heavens opened and down came the rain. The Peel river runs through our property, by about 12 the river was in full flood, peaking at 5m's.
This caused heaps of problems, 3 months ago the main bridge into town was pulled down(after damaged substained from the 2000 floods) and work has commenced on replacing it, but mean while there is only a low level river crossing that is closed to vehicles after just a little rain. So this crossing was closed by about 10am, meaning there was only one other road access into town. All my ladies came this way to class, but due to the heavy rain a small bridge on this road was partly washed away leaving no direct access in or out of town. The only way out was a detour up through the forest and down a very steep dirt road, thankfully everyone returned home safely. This will be a Tuesday we will talk about for awhile.
This photo I took late this afternoon looking down onto the river from the side of the bridge in our place, the old bridge here was washed away in the 2000 floods, the marker shows the river at less then 2m's, a huge drop on what it was earlier in the day.
The weather forecast is for more rain, so who knows what morning will bring, there is a heavy storm going around at the moment.
Where ever you may be I hope you are all dry and safe inside.


Chookyblue said...

so how much rain we are over 3inchs for the last couple of days...........my baby boy is stuck at Grandparents on the other side of flooding creeks........another storm forecast this morning early........glad all the girls got home safe........

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry and girls,
Well I nearly got there but in the end turned back - seems just as well, although I was disappointed to miss the first day back.

Anonymous said...

What an excursion we had getting home!! I heard on NBN that the Duncan's Creek road was only open to 4WDs. My very low Magna made it Ok though, second gear all the way down the windy hill with Beryl travelling at a safe distance behind me. Luckily the drop off was on the other side of the road!!! I hate looking over the edge, I have a fear of heights. We
will surely remember THAT afternoon! I hope that the main road to Nundle is open on Friday, with Dungowan School's Swimming Carnival being scheduled for that day.

Vanessa said...

Fingers crossed the rains subside for you. Gee, I guess the saying it never rains but pours is so true for Australia isn't it. Glad everyone got home safely.

Tina said...

Wow what an interesting day to say the least. Will this break the drought. I heard Chaffey was at 70 percent. Carnt remember that for years. Looks like a great winter this year.

Anonymous said...

Kerry, On Wednesday just after lunch we had a whopping 70 mil of rain in an hour. The storm was right over us, and the dogs were petrified. Tess was huddled up with Zeke, and the four puppies were by themselves in their little house safe and dry. They didn't seem to panic!! Lucky we are away from Dungowan Creek, there is heaps of debris at the bottom of our driveway though. There was a lot of debris in Chaffey this morning when we went to the Swimming Carnival, and I noticed that the water had been across the road near the big bridge.


weirdbunny said...

Floods just seem to be on the increase every where don't they. Lets hope you don't have them as bad as you did in 2002, love Julia x

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