Monday, May 22, 2006

My Day Off......LOL

Well it is Monday and yes the shop is meant to be closed and I should be putting my feet up after another busy week, hey but there is always lots to do. So I think after I post this message I might start on my May Newsletter, then cut a few more block of the months, before doing a bit of cooking, just in the mood for cooking today. Plus I would like to try and sit down at the sewing machine and sew a couple of blocks together in my latest quilt design.

I did manage to finish the one I was working on last week, it is made from a quaint old world range by Clothworks, I have added cream chenille to the pattern which is called Le Jardin, from Lyn Wilson. It is off in the mail today to my wonderful friend Betty to quilt for me, looking forward to the finished quilt as they always look heaps better quilted.

Last week Sebastian and the rest of the Farrer first 13's played Coonabarabran High in the regional final of the Arrive Alive Cup, despite being the underdogs, LOL, they won convincingly 30/12.
Not sure where their next match will be but so long as I haven't a retreat on then I will be there. It is so good having Judy and Kerstin working for me so I can slip off to these matches, I love watching Sebastian play footy. Being there for our children is something all proud parents shouldn't miss.

The weather over the weekend was just wonderful here in Nundle, the sun was shining, and the days were gorgeous. Pity it can't rain but it will one day. The colour in the autumn leaves in the main street are just spectacular, I love walking down the street kicking my feet through the leaves. Geoffrey and I gathered wood for the fires, I suppose I will have to start lighting the pot belly in the shop soon, so there is a stock pile just outside.

Fingers Crossed "Blackberry Jam & Cream" my first BOOK is nearly here, I am meeting with the printers this week, so it shouldn't be too...... far away now. I do hope everyone enjoys making my projects and treating themselves to some of my favourite recipes.
This is one of the photos that will appear in the book.

I better get moving if I am to achieve half the things I have planned for today. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read whats been happening on the hill.



Janelle Wind said...

Your quilt looks awesome Kerry - I am sure it is very tactile in real life too. Can't wait to see it in July.

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing your book too. Your cooking is So delicious and I am keen to try all of your recipes.

Have a great week x Janelle

Lauren said...

WoW a book I had no idea! Good luck with it! you'll have to save me a copy so I can buy it when I come home.

The quilt looks great as usual, truly wonderful. I mignt need one as London is going to be so cold!!!!!!

Well I'll be sure to keep you posted on my adventure!

Lauren x

Joanne said...

Hi Kerry - had a count of the jam melons here the other day - 35 inside the garden fence..... (others out in the paddock). Do you want some?