Monday, February 26, 2007

Retreats commenced for 2007

Its been a week since I posted and all though I have been busy with my business I haven't really achieved a great deal otherwise. It was back into routine preparing for my first of many 2 day retreats that commenced on Saturday.
A big warm welcome to Daneille, Paula, Natalie, Pam, Rene, Julie, Helen and Annie who all joined me for the first time, do hope you all enjoyed your retreat and are all happy with the quilts you made. Annie and Paula are hiding their more difficult design in the photo. All the quilts looked great and well done to Julie who hadn't sewn for many years and to Pam on making their first quilts I am sure it won't be your last.

Some of the ladies added ric rac, braids and gorgeous pom poms to their quilts to add extra texture, and Pam I love your idea of the bows, looking forward to seeing them attached.

I am sure they will all be back to visit me next year as they have already started their saving funds. I look forward to your return.



weirdbunny said...

It must be so amazing to go on a quilting retreat. Such a shame your over in Australia or I'd be booking myself in !!

Chookyblue said...

There is no stopping you. Can't wait til our weekend. July seems so far away but I am sure it will get here in no time. It is already the end of February.