Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Bag day....this time with friends
Once a month with my Tuesday class we have a set project that is achievable in the day and today we made bags. There were a dozen ladies at class today and they all made this very simple but effective bag using 17 squares for the outside. Here is a photo of half the bags, the others were still finishing off theirs when I took the photo, and sorry ladies I know I promised not to take your photo, thats why none of them are smiling at the camera.

I know there will be a few more of these made, especially with Mothers day not too far away.

I have a project I have to work on tomorrow evening so will be back to post a picture if......I get it made, the dead line for this project is, 1st March, lucky I work well to deadlines. ( I actually set the deadline for the group) will explain more later,

Good night and thanks for popping by.



weirdbunny said...

So good to see your business is doing well with lot's of people taking up your classes.

Tina said...

What an appropriate name, "Bag Day"!!!!!!! Glad you had fun. Another -22 day today so I just had to spend the day in the Mall. I got a very rude email from
Gai via Kathy yesterday. Thanks for the photo. Back to Edmonton tomorrow. Tina

leanne beasley said...

Love the bags ladies! Wow - what great results. Have seen lots of ladies around Melbourne sporting one of these. I'm always too nervous to ask if they made it or bought it, so I just admire!

weirdbunny said...

JUst getting back to you as to what's apoly tunnel. Well basically it's a poor man's green house. Ours is a series of metal half circles covered in polythene.