Thursday, March 08, 2007

I nearly made the dead line

As I mentioned previously I had a project to finish off, well last year I was part of a group of ladies who participated in a paper bag quilt or Friendship quilt, there were 8 of us and I set a dead line that our quilt tops had to be finished by march 1st 2007. I know everyone has tryed hard to complete their quilt tops and I was a little late but managed to finish mine off on Tuesday evening this week which was the 6th March, how about that not even a week over due.

Here is a photo of my quilt top, all the Kimono ladies are made from fabrics I purchased a few years back on one of my trips to Japan, they are all foundation pieced which was a challenge for some of the ladies, but they all did a great job, I just had to make one more block so decided to make the back view of a lady. I am thrilled with the way it has turned out and I have decided to hand quilt it using a Japanese fan design, maybe in navy thread.

A big thank you to those involved with our group, look forward to receiving a photo from you all, of your finished quilt tops to add to my journal. I will post one off to everone next week.

Until I post again, stay safe



weirdbunny said...

How cool that the fabric you bought for you Japanese ladies was actually bought from Japan. What a wonderful quilt to remind you of your trip.

Janelle Wind said...

This is gorgeous Kerry! I am so thrilled to see all of the ladies stitched together. My quilt top was finished by the due date but I am still needing to quilt and bind it. hmm better get cracking on that one hey!!

Can't wait to see yours IRL too x Janelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry
Congratulations that is just fantastic.....can't wait to see the completed quilt. Would love to see what the other ladies produced as well.
Club Quilt

lindiepindie said...

Wow, Kerry, that is beautiful and so creative! I'm finding that I'm appreciating the Asian style more and more. Even though I'm Asian I've never been drawn to it. I'm beginning to think that there might be a way to fit it into my style. Your quilt definitely does.

Tina said...

Kerry the quilt looks fantastic. It doesnt seem that long ago when the quilts were handed over. There was a great range of Japanese prints at the quilt shop I went to. A whole section devoted to it. Have you finished your angel paper bag quilt??

weirdbunny said...

I received the bag and book yesterday !! Thank you so much, how wonderful to have such lovely post.