Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Far too busy to blog ---sorry ----Plus Chrissy in July Give Away

I just seem to be far too busy to blog at the moment, had another great retreat last weekend, this group of lovely ladies have been coming for quite some time, each year they make the trip up the New England Hwy to Nundle to spend the weekend with me. This year Tanya had her sister, Tracey, visiting all the way from Finland so she joined the group as well. We had a good weekend with some lovely quilts made as well as a few older ones finished off. Tracey, do hope you enjoyed yourself, and I am sure you will have many fond memories of the weekend when you snuggle up under you quilt back in Finland. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Other news, well the response from the article in Country Threads has been wonderful, lots of phone calls and emails, glad everyone is enjoying it. The kits for the Spinning Pin wheels Quilt which is featured it the magazine have been selling really well, we still have some in stock for anyone wishing to purchase one, its a great quilt for a man.
Thanks to all those who have commented on my article - all your comments are so lovely and encouraging.

The count down is on - There is only a little over two weeks to go until our annual Christmas in July retreat, this year there are over 20 ladies coming to spend 2 days with me in Nundle. This year I have organised 3 guess tutors, Janelle Wind, Natalie Ross and Rosalie Quinlan. Everyone is getting very excited, I have been very busy cooking to feed all of us. Because I am going to be away watching Sebastian play Rugby League up in North Queensland for the week prior I have to be totally organised before leaving, and believe it or not I am getting that way. For those coming the food is looking very yummy, I am sure you won't go home hungry.
For all those who can't be with us that weekend, if you make a comment on my blog between now and Friday 13th July I will put you in the draw to win one of 3 kits for the projects we will be making over that weekend.
Leave a comment and let me know what you will be up to on Friday 13th July and you will go in the draw to win.
Anyway back to the end of month book work, hope everyone is enjoying this cold wet winter we are having here in Australia, thanks for dropping by

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Has anyone seen this months "Australian Country Threads"

Well my exciting news is that I am in this months latest issue of Australian Country Threads Magazine.
I actually have 10 pages devoted to me, can you believe that. There are 6 pages show casing some of my original quilts as well as a profile and story on me, my life and my business. Then my "Spinning Pinwheels" quilt is a project for everyone to have a go at. The phone calls and emails enquiring about the quilts show cased and my business have been overwhelming in the last couple of days. It is a real thrill to have your name in print for all to see, and a great thrill to be recognised and appreciated by so many women.
This isn't my first project or my first profile in a magazine but it always feels great to see your work in print, please let me know if you make my quilt, I always love to see other peoples versions.
Oh and yes it was snowing when we woke this morning, just very lightly, it didn't really settle for very long. It could be around again in the morning by the feel of the freezing cold air tonight.
Winter is certainly here.
Happy sewing
PS my Spinning Pinwheels quilt can be seen on my web site
www.cottageonthehill.com.au under quilt patterns if any one would like to look.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just a short post - because my office is freezing

Well after about 10days of freezing weather it looks like it will keep up for a few more days, they are predicting snow for tonight, so maybe it will be white again in the morning.

This is a photo of last weekends group just as most of them were about to walk out the door, they headed back home to the central coast just after lunch, hoping to arrive home before dark as the weather down that way has been wild. Glad you all arrived home safely.

It is funny how both Denise and Siona decided to make my very old but very popular Flannel Heart Quilt ( both did it in Cottons) and 4 others all made my Stars & Stripes quilt which is also an older quilt.They all looked great, do hope you all had a great weekend, I am looking forward to seeing the video, I am sure there were lots of laughs on it.

A big thank you to lorraine for organising all your ladies again and I look forward to seeing you all again next year.
I am off to bed to snuggle up under my flannel quilts, I will share some pretty exciting news tomorrow, stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Day to remember - thanks to my wonderful friends
Today started out with an extra early trip to Tamworth, leaving home before 6.30am to drop off a load of wood and drop Sebastian back to school after their leave weekend. Nicole headed back to Bathurst to Uni this morning also, only a couple of weeks and she will be home again for holidays.

On my return from Tamworth my Tuesday ladies were just arriving, apparently they had been planning today for a few weeks and to my surprise they supplied a very yummy lunch with a special Birthday Cake just for me. But to top it all off they had all got together and made me a very special present. They made me this quilt for my birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I was so over the moon with the quilt, the thought of them all sewing it especially for me bought tears to my eyes. I had good intentions of one day making it myself but they all beat me to it. Thanks Heaps girls it is gorgeous and I will always treasure it, I think I have found the right place to hang it.

I LOVE it Thanks

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oh my Gosh - what an exicting day -- I Love Snow

On waking this morning at 6.45am, we looked out the window to see if the rain had stopped to see everything covered with white wonderful snow. Yesterdays temperature didn't get over 6 degree, so we thought it may have snowed up on the mountain, but no it snowed here at home as well, this is the first snow fall in 23 years that has settled here at home.

At 6.45 am I ran around and got everyone up out of bed to have a look, because I just love snow, Geoffrey and Nicole went back to bed, but Ali, Sebastian, Rachel and i went off exploring the country side to see how heavy it was around.

We couldn't get up to our other property which is just 10minutes up the road, the snow up there was about 6 to 8" deep around the house, so it would have been much heavier up into the hills.

We stopped on the side of the road just 5 minutes from home and made this Snowman and had a good snow fight, what fun at 7.30am on a cold snowy morning.

This is a photo of a paddock just up the road from home.
There have been hundreds of cars passing by today all heading up to the snow, for those who don't live around here, snow doesn't fall very often around this area so when it does, people drive a long way to have a look and a play.

The weather has just closed in again, so maybe we are in for some more snow tonight.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sebastian and Ali - Debutant Ball
Just a couple of photos to share with you all of Sebastian & Ali last Friday night when he partnered her for her debut.
She looked gorgeous in a simple satin dress with a cross over wrap of chiffon across the bodest.

The guys all looked very grown up in there black dinner suits.
I can not believe my little boy is only one month of 18, gosh the years fly. For those with younger children make the most of every minute with them because you blink and they are all grown up.
On another note, my thoughts and prays go out to all the families and friends who have any connection with the Kerang Train crash, what a awful thing to happen, it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Do hope none of my blogging friends are directly invloved.
Until I post again, stay safe and hold your loved ones close to your heart.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday evening, another week over

Hi there just a short post, great retreat this weekend, we all laughed heaps, I am not sure how long it will take for Nundle to recover from these wonderful women, LOL. Sorry I didn't mean that Jenny. Everyone had a great weekend, all their quilts were looking fantastic, I do hope everyone was happy with their quilts. This is a photo of them all except Ingrid who left earlier. The fire had actually gone out by this stage in the afternoon, but we did need it on earlier, as we had a storm go through mid morning, then it turned cold this afternoon.
This group of ladies always amaze me, as in the group there is June and her 4 daughter, I just think that is terrific to think that Mum and 4 daughters enjoy each others company enough to go away sewing for a weekend together, look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Hope everyone has had a good weekend, I will pop back tomorrow and post some photo's of the Ball on Friday night.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Just Quickly......................
Cold morning here in my office, a small frost outside so I will try and make it quick so my fingers don't get too cold.
Good week so far, I have managed to sqeeze in a little sewing, finished my blocks for 1 paper bag quilt and presently working on another, just have a little stitchery to do for that then I can pass it on.
During the week I have re-written all of my 365 challange quilt as I wasn't happy with the pen I was using, I managed to find this new pen last week while visiting Janelle. Very Happy with it.
I put the borders on a new shop sample last night as well and stitched together my 365 challange quilt, I am doing mine in weeks with small borders around each, it is 2m long and will probably end up about 2.8 to 3m wide. I am using fabrics that have been used in the shop during that week to make all my borders.
This is a close up of part of the quilt, I don't really have plans it will just grow week by week.
Must run fingers are starting to get chilly.
Have a great weekend
PS Sebastian is partnering Ali this evening in Tamworth as she makes her debut. Will try and take some good photo's to share.